This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Traffic flows on SH1, Ngauranga Gorge'.
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16 January 2023 
[FYI request #21457 email] 
REF: OIA-11737 
Dear ASE 
Request made under the Official Information Act 1982 
Thank you for your email of 19 December 2022 requesting the fol owing information under the Official 
Information Act 1982 (the Act): 
I am seeking information relating to traffic flows along SH1, through Ngauranga Gorge, 
Wel ington. Particularly, in the vicinity of SH1 between SH2 and Newlands Rd, I am seeking 
information relating to average/typical traffic flows, per hour, northbound and southbound, 
during an average/typical week. 
eg: Sunday, 00:00-01:00, xxx northbound vehicles, xxx southbound vehicles Sunday, 01:00-
02:00, xxx northbound vehicles, xxx southbound vehicles … Sat, 23:00-00:00, xxx northbound 
vehicles, xxx southbound vehicles 

The information you have requested is attached in an Excel spreadsheet, and should be considered 
alongside the fol owing caveats:  
•  Averages are calculated based on data extracted from 1 January 2021 through to 9 October 
•  The Traffic Monitoring System sites used for this analysis are the fol owing locations: 
•  Newlands Interchange - Southbound through traffic (site reference 01N11066) 
•  Newlands Interchange - Northbound through traffic (site reference 01N21066) 
•  A map of the site location can be found in the "Site Location" tab of the attached spreadsheet. 
•  There are gaps in the data due to the sites being out of action for periods of time, and there is 
only data loaded for the sites up to 9 October 2022. 
In line with Waka Kotahi policy, this response wil  soon be published on our website, with personal 
information removed.  

If you would like to discuss this reply with Waka Kotahi, please contact Ministerial Services by email at 
[NZTA request email].  
Yours sincerely 
Jeremy Gulson 
Acting Senior Manager, Research and Analytics