This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Ministerial appointments to the Combined Board of Halswell Residential College and Westbridge Residential School'.

John Luke 
[FYI request #21407 email] 
Tēnā koe John 
OIA: 1302112 
Thank you for your email of 12 December 2022 to the Ministry of Education requesting the 
following information:  
1.  I noted, Ministerial appointments to the Combined Board of Halswell Residential 
College and Westbridge Residential School. 
2.  May I ask how did you call for public nomination and on what platform you have call for 
public nominations, e.g. website. Also, how many applications you have 
received from the public and how many you have received from other nominating 
agencies such as TPK or ministry of women. How many you have shortlisted and how 
many positions you are intend to appoint. 
Your request has been considered under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act).  
The Ministry advertised for public nominations through online advertisements, which were placed on 
the following websites: 
  -  Ministry of Education (MOE) Careers Centre (which is the main advertisement and 
application portal) (  
-  Education Gazette (  
-  Seek (  
-  LinkedIn (  
-  Trade Me (  
-  Mahi (  
-  Māori and Pacific Jobs (English) (  
-  Kumara Vine (  
-  Government Jobs (  
An advertisement was also placed in the Sunday Star Times, on 13 November 2022. 
Wellington National Office, 1 The Terrace, Levels 5 to 14, Wellington 6011 
PO Box 1666, Wellington 6140, DX SR51201 Phone: +64 4 463 8000  

Information was provided to the Nominations Services of the Ministry of Women, the Ministry for 
Pacific Peoples, Te Puni Kōkiri – Ministry of Māori Development, Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled 
People, and Oranga Tamariki. 
The total number of applications received from the public was 14, while there were no applications 
received from any other nominating agencies. 
Four applicants were shortlisted, and the Ministry intends to recommend that the Minister appoint 
three candidates to fil  the three positions. 
Thank you again for your email. 
Nāku noa, nā 
Vincent Fallon 
Acting Associate Deputy Secretary 
Network and School Delivery 
Te Mahau | Te Pae Aronui (Operations and Integration)