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Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2022 22:11:16 +0000
Subject: OIA22-582.3 RE: Official Information request - Knowledge of potential criminal activity by government employees
From: Canterbury Victim <[FYI request #21260 email]>
To: Elena Hood <[email address]>

Dear Elena Hood,

Thank you for your prompt consideration of my request for official information.

My request to Hon Michael Wood is not accidental. I have a separate request for Hon Dr Megan Woods which can be seen here:

No inferences should be made about the intent of the request to Hon Michael Wood other than it being made based on matters of public interest. I could make well intended assumptions about the content of the responses from Hon Michael Wood, but that shouldn't prevent getting actual responses to my requests for official information.

Thank you again for your prompt consideration.

Yours sincerely,

"Canterbury Victim"

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Are you sure you are requesting information from Hon Michael Wood and not the Housing Minister, Hon Dr Megan Woods?

Ngā mihi

Elena Hood (formerly, Scheule)
Pou Hekeretari Matua | Senior Private Secretary
Te Tari o te Minita a Michael Wood | Office of Hon Michael Wood
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Minister of Immigration | Minister of Transport | Minister of Workplace Relations and Safety
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