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Subject: Your Official Information Act request - Data on number of children lifted out of poverty
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Subject: Official Information Act request - Data on number of children lifted out of poverty

Dear Ministry of Social Development,

Recently the Prime Minister John Key quoted a figure of 30,000 being lifted out of poverty (,-not-tax-cuts) "in the last couple of years.'

Can you please provide the evidence upon which this claim was made?

I also note a pre-election announcement saying "over the past two years 30,000 children have gone from living in a benefit-dependent home to a working one" ( Can you please provide the data that upon which this claim was made.

Can you please provide any research MSD has done since the first rollout of the the government's welfare reforms in 2010 showing whether parents who have left a benefit to take up paid employment are better off financially; and also research showing whether the children of parents who have left a benefit for paid employment enjoy better outcomes as a result of this?

In a pre-election interview the Minister for Social Development stated: "The research has shown us with the investment approach that there’s a couple of real touch points of people churning on and off benefits. One at 6 months and the other is between 12 and 14 months..." Can I please have a copy of the research the Minister is referring to.

Yours faithfully,

donna wynd


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