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Name of individual or group answering this survey:,Name of contact person (for group):,Position,Email address,1 Are you responding as an individual or on behalf of a group or organisation?,2 Is your group a:,"If you selected other, please describe your group:","3 If your organisation is disability related, what type of impairment(s) is represented (optional)","If you selected other, what type(s) of impairments does your organisation represent?",4 Do you have an Impairment? (optional),5 What type(s) of impairments are represented? (optional),"If you selected other, please provide more information:","6 Are you, or is someone from your group, interested in applying to this fund?",Do you have any comments about your interest in applying to this fund?,7 Do you agree with this approach?,Do you have any comments about this approach?,8 Do you agree with the proposed approach to Criteria 1?,Do you have any comments about the proposed approach to Criteria 1?,9 Do you agree with the proposed approach to Criteria 2?,Do you have any comments about the proposed approach to Criteria 2?,10 Which of these is your preferred option?,Any comments?,Third parties intro,11 Do you agree with this?,Any comments?2,12 Do you agree with the proposed approach to fund timing?,Do you have any comments about the proposed approach to fund timing?,13 Do you have any comments about the types of support which may be available? Is there anything you can think of that is not on this list?,14 Do you agree with this approach? Do you have any comments or preferences?,15 Do you think we should talk to an applicant's political party when assessing applications or tailoring support?,Do you have any comments about the involvement of political parties as part of the application process?,16 Do you have any comments about how this could work?,17 Do you agree with the proposed makeup of the applications panel?,Do you have any comments about the proposed makeup of the applications panel?,18 Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the Election Access Fund?,Do you agree with the proposed approach to requiring evidence of eligibility?,Do you have any comments about the proposed approach to requiring evidence of eligibility?,Created,Submitter
National Disabled Students Association,Alice,President,s 9(2)(a),Organisation,Advocacy group,,Other (All categories are applicable),,,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,"However, You have to be very careful in this approach. Don't be too intrusive. A lot of people hold a lot of trauma and don't want to be triggered. Offer the choice. It's a big thing to share and be in the public eye. People will feel self conscious and feel stigma. Be conscious of the privacy act. Give full transparency to the person accessing the fund.",Yes,There is a huge defecit in this space. Extending the fund to local government will bridge the gap. Starting at a national level is quite a leap and local would have been a more logical approach.,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,"Every person has different barriers. Even if their disability is the same, their challenges will likely differ. Also further evidence may be useful and a positive for the candidate to ensure their requirements are fully met. Medical certificates are time consuming and counter productive sometimes.",,No,Not necessarily be involved as a given but instead on a case by case basis. It should be directed by the applicant. There should be an emphasis on making this an option early on so it is feasible,Yes,,"Will there be a degree of financial monitoring?, should support be proactive? Accessibility legislation looks at venues. Can the fund create new pathways?",Yes. Just giving options is the most important thing. No one thing is going to work for everybody.,No,Not an automatic. With direction from the candidate,Respect each individuals privacy and only give a brief overview,Yes,We need a mix of lived experience and expertise in government,It would be really great if the theory of this project was also applied as a fund to assist people in accessing the right to vote. There are so many accessibility issues to voting that excludes the disabled community. We are keen to see how the project unfolds and rolls into local government. It's really great as a start. Please try and make sure the relationship with political parties is there so candidates are fully backed and not left in the wind once elected.,,,,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Administrator ,s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Physical impairment/physical disability, hearing",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,A NZSL interpreter should be provided if needed or requested,Yes,It's common sense really,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,"A legal declaration is enough. However, always be conscious of the extra barriers ",,Yes,This is essential,Yes,,No,Yes,Yes,"Yes, with prior permission of the applicant. Privacy act and respect",No,Yes,It?s about bloody time. Disability like everything else is a sliding rule under a huge umbrella and people need to feel represented ,,,,,
Mental Health Foundation,Olivia Stapleton,Policy and Advocacy Manager,s 9(2)(a),Organisation,Advocacy group,,"Psychiatric/Psychological, neurological",,,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,"There should be an opportunity to bring such people, Wh?nau, etc to the meeting with the Electoral Commission. It should also be made very clear what support material (e.g., doctor's report) is needed from the applicant",Yes,,Yes,"We mostly agree with this, especially the inclusion of ""mental impairment"", providing this extends to psychosocial disabilities. However, we believe that short-term disabilities should be included in the definition. A person with short-term disability would also benefit from support for the duration of their ""impairment""",A legal declaration is enough evidence,"A legal definition should be sufficient. For someone experiencing metal distress and/or illness, there are already considerable barriers and challenges to running as a candidate, including the time, cost and difficulty of obtaining ""further evidence"" (such as a second opniion) in a timely way.","We partially agree with this. Applicants should be able to involve third parties if they wish to, but this should not be a requirement.","Involving a third party could ensure the applicant receives the appropriate support. It could also be beneficial for a support worker to be informed of the applicant's decision to run as a candidate and what that entails, so they can tailor support for that context. However, as above, it should be optional. There is a risk that the information provided by the third parties may not accurately reflect the applicant's experience or needs, and could lead to sutigma and discrmination.",Yes,No opinion,"Given the broad UNCRDP definition of disability, this list should include supports for psychosocial and disabilities such as ? Access to psychological support and counselling/therapy ? Help with the cost of bringing support people along on the campaign ? Peer support ? Mentorship ? assistance from someone who has run before, ideally with lived experience of mental distress or illness, who can demystify te process ? Extra time allowed for people to ?time out?, relax and debrief Overall, applicants should have access to a strong network of support. The level of support required may increase at particularly stressful or busy times in the campaign and this should be factored in. ",We prefer the first three options. Reimbursing an appliacant after they pay for an expense may not be a realistic option for people in financial hardship.,Yes,No,"We don't think this should be a requirement, however, it could have a positive impact if the candidate is a member of a political party that may be able to provide a mentor for them.",,Yes,"The panel should include people with lived experience/Wh?nau experience of mental distress or illness, i.e., people with psychsocial disabilities as well as physical disabilities.","The Mental Health Foundation is pleased to see more support for people with disabilities to stand as candidates in parliamentary general elections and by-elections. We believe that people with lived experience of mental distress or illness should not be overlooked or excluded from this process. However we believe a lot of thought and care should be taken to ensure that running as a candidate does not increase a person?s level of distress. There should be strong processes built into this system to ensure that people are appropriately supported throughout, and able to manage the pressure and stress associated with campaigning.",,,,
Hamilton City Council,Rebecca Whitehead,Unit Director - Community services,s 9(2)(a),Group,Community group,,,,,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,,,,,,,,,,,"While Hamilton City Council staff are fully supportive of the Election Fund being established, we recommend that the Electoral Commission extend the Fund?s provisions to include disabled candidates who wish to seek election in local authority elections i.e., the Fund to cover expenses for those disabled people seeking selection to be a candidate, and campaigning as a candidate. We note that expenses incurred could cover aspects such as paying for a support person, sign language interpreters, or accessible transport to events or meetings. We also request that the policy development consider the need for funding and practical arrangements requires once a disabled candidate is elected. For examplec, funds or allowances through the Renumeration Authority to cover accomodations required for their specific needs; funding for the loacl authority to ensure equal access and participation in all democratic processes, meetings, etc.",,,,,,,"We support the establishment of a Steering Group (comprising senior staff from the Electoral Commission, an advisor from the Office for Disability Issues and a member from the Disabled People?s Organisations Coalition) by the Electoral Commission that is responsible for setting up the key aspects of the Election Access Fund. However, given the range and diversity of issues for disabled people, we would ideally like to see more than one disabled person on the Steering Group.",,,,,
Everybody Cool Lives Here,Nic Lane,Advocate,s 9(2)(a),Group,advocacy,,"Chronic condition or health problem, Speaking, Hearing, Learning, Physical impairment/physical disability, Other",People who don't identify as being impaired,,,,s 9(2)(a),,No,"One-on-one should be an option of the individual if they have issues around confidentiality of the process. Having more members from the Electoral Commission could limit potential biases, while increasing potential network of support and understanding, both at the time, and in a debriefing sense. One-on-one suggests wh?nau or other support not being a characteristic of a disabled person's identity. In honouring Te Tiriti one of these people should be Tangata Whenua. ",No,"The correct definition according to the act should an adult, rather than ?over 18? See Electoral Act 1993 section 3(1)b We question the current model of excluding those who may be 17 at the time of candidate registration, if they would be 18 by the date of the election. We understand this rule may be a requirement because of their legal capacity to sign legally binding documents but acknowledge the societal barrier minors face for being a ?long-term? child, who may be discriminated against based on a perceived intellectual ?impairment?.",No,"We believe the Fund should have been scoped before it?s budget allocation was set. The UNCRPD did not seek to define disability, and acknowledge that it is an evolving concept. Within the social model of disability, we acknowledge that persons may be disabled by attitudinal, and/or environmental disabilities. To stipulate ?impairment? is to potentially define someone in deficit, rather than maintaining a strength?s based approach. A matakite may be disabled by their ability to sense too much, just as a takiw?tanga may be overly empathetic, however we don?t see these as an impairment of the senses. While individuals with ?long-term? barriers may be hindered more dramatically, we would like to acknowledge and expand that citizens may also face temporary disabilities (of which they may acquire during their campaigning), just as some disabilities may be exacerbated within the process. We do not wish to exclude them in this fund?s ability in shifting and removing barriers to participation. Another barrier that is often not acknowledged by the disability community, is in regards to English as the imposed language of Aotearoa. An individuals first language, has the potential to ?create barriers from their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others?. We believe this definition excludes Tangata Whenua?s right to engage in the democratic process in Te Reo M?ori, and acknowledge that Te Reo M?ori is currently excluded within the list of government approved alternative formats, and therefore disabled within the social model. This definition of a disabled person, feels like it sits within the medical model, and also requires the individual to have accepted this label as part of their identity. This could potentially exclude individuals who don?t have disability pride or acknowledge their difference as an ?impairment?. We acknowledge that all New Zealanders experience barriers to inclusion at different points in their life. On the basis that 1 in 4 New Zealander?s currently experience barriers to full participation, this Fund is under resourced to achieve accurate representation.",A legal declaration is enough evidence,"We believe that while we would like this to be based on trust, of a individual self-identifying as disabled. This has the potential to be abused, and in doing so would potentially create distrust by New Zealander?s of this Fund. We believe this is difficult territory, in potentialy perpetuating the medical model over the social model of disability. We would encourage that any further evidence could be limited to the community acknowledging that they indeed face barriers, and that support would be beneficial to their effective participation - giving two references from the community like a gun/marriage celebrant licence.",,No,"In acknowledging Spoon Theory / criptime the onus should less be on the individual and their community to supply support needs information. Rather the Election Commission, DPO Refence group alongside an additional Hauora team, should provide frameworks, advice and support around this. This would acknowledge that sometimes disabled peoples still see themselves as a burden on society and may underplay their true support costs. This calculation should also acknowledge the intersectional disparity of care based support is still inequitable. Shifting from a p?keh? framework of asking individuals what are their specific needs are, to a Te Ao M?ori framework that is mana enhancing, more focused on giving, will be truely enabling in creating an inclusive society.",No,"We believe Round 1 needs to be open to all individuals considering seeking to campaign, to give a better idea on the potential of the demand on the Fund. Fund dates should be flexible taking into account Spoon Theory and that an individual may potentially have to prioritize other things in their life depending on their needs. Another flexible fund should be available if candidates find additional unscoped barriers during their campaign, or if they during a campaign an individual finds barriers they were unaware of, or their barriers substantially increase.","In standing for Election, these candidates may be communicating to and/or representing individuals who have never had equitable democratic standing. This potentially means they face additional costs for designing their advertising to be universally or more accessible than their constituents. How will access costs for voters, verses individual campaingers be separated? A candidate from the disability community may have smaller circles of support than a non-disabled person. This potential inequity from the beginning of the campaign may require more effort on their part campaigning. How defined is campaigning as an activity? Within Campaign (1999) Pauline Gardiner [?] defines one of her activities as buying milk from multiple dairies as one of her campaign strategies. Does assistance like training need to be more clearly defined? Would this cater to somebody being disabled by anxiety getting public speaking training? And/or budgeting support. Are their spending caps on categories? Would training for the candidates peers come under that individual?s support costs, or should other candidates have to already have disability specific cultural competency training? With limited information being available on the access of venues, accommodation etc, will this include research, like site assessments. Sometimes multiple hotels will advertise themselves as accessible but there are no standards for height of bed, slipperyness of floor, or regular checks to see that they still comply with NZS 4121:2001, etc. What happens if a Social Script is provided for an event and on-the-day planning dramatically changes the structure. Does the candidate have any rights, to them adhering to the proposed structure? Will support take into account redundancy, like when technological or human based support fails, or is support based on the bare minimum. In terms of technological failure is there a commitment to turnaround on replacement of specialist equipment?","We agree with multiple payment methods, in enabling mana motuhake. And that reimbursing an applicant after they pay for an expense should be timely and acknowledge that their cash flow position may be different from non-disabled peoples. A candidate having unallocated contigency spending available at hand could be of benefit incase of unforeseen expenses.",No,"This feels invasive and like a potentially privacy breach, if they have not disclosed their disability to their party.","That the DPOs/Hauora support outside of this fund, help to define and expand on the potential allocations that candidates make, and help to build the case to grow the support of this Fund going forward.",No,"How will this be informed by Tino Rangatiratanga, and ensuring that disabled people aren?t burdened by having to define cultural specific support needs. Can an individual veto potential panel members they find to be unsafe, or unable to understand their intersectionality.","This fund seems to have been designed in haste.

Alternative formats supplied were only for the process rather than your questions.

We weren't made aware of any hui regarding these questions, nor has adequate engagement with this under-represented community been conducted. This seems undemocratic.

If you start inaccessible you've already limited the capability of this community to reach equitable standing within the house.

How much budget has been allocated on the Election Commissions side of support & management of this fund?

What is the possibility of the fund expanding based on this current scoping?",,,14/08/2022 20:16,
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party,Irinka Britnell,Secretary,s 9(2)(a),Group,political_party,,Other,All types of disabilities should have representation and easy access to voting.,,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,"A Doctors Certificate is required for other services, so is a standard requirement..",,Yes,,Yes,,,Yes we agree with this approach.,Yes,Confirmation from the party that the candidate is duly approved by the party to run in the General Elections or by-election. ,The candidate is required to keep all receipts for the approved spending. There should be a guide sheet for the candidates/health supporters understand their responsibilities.,Yes,,,,,14/08/2022 15:40,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,I think a good set of leaflets and online information is also important to help a potential candidate make an informed decision - having some idea of the sort of support that may potentially be available could make a vital difference in deciding whether to actually start the process or not,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,I think a legal declaration should be enough to start the process. Any further evidence should not be required until later in the process - as part of the one-on-one consultation perhaps? That way someone can talk them through anything else that might be required. ,,Yes,,Yes,,,I agree with this approach,Yes,"Probably not necessary at the very beginning, but maybe as part of or just after the one-on-one consultation?","It might be good to keep notes not only and what does or doesn't work and why, but also which accommodations could also benefit others and should perhaps be more widely used - for example, if a font or colour palette makes things easier for a vision impaired candidate to read, should the EC also be looking at using it for information given to voters?",Yes,,"A Social Dilemma Question?
Dose disabled include those who are socially disabled, who have post traumatic stress syndrome, caused by the impact of the so called war on the cannabis community? Resulting in thousands of citizens with convictions, families torn apart, carriers lost, unable to get jobs, their lives turned upside down and destroyed, property confiscated resulting in people suffering from depression, dysfunction and dislocation. This un-recognised horror perpetuated on a sector of our population, who choose to use cannabis, also goes against our Human Rights. People with cannabis convictions should be considered for the Election Access Fund.",,,14/08/2022 14:22,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),Only people with disabilities and their families should have a say,,I am not the one you should be asking,,As an able body person. I am not the one you should be asking,,As an able body person. I am not the one you should be asking,,As an able body person. I am not the one you should be asking,,,As an able body person. I am not the one you should be asking,,As an able body person. I am not the one you should be asking,As an able body person. I am not the one you should be asking,As an able body person. I am not the one you should be asking,,As an able body person. I am not the one you should be asking,As an able body person. I am not the one you should be asking,,As an able body person. I am not the one you should be asking,As an able body person. I am not the one you should be asking. Only those living with disabilities or their close families should be having a say. The rest of us don?t have a clue what they truly need. ,,,14/08/2022 14:13,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Psychiatric/psychological, Hearing, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,,Yes,,,Paying invoices to suppliers is the best approach. the ,Yes,,"Having easily accessible, very short reporting requirements form.",Yes,,,,,14/08/2022 13:34,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,Chronic condition or health problem,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,Don't make it too hard,Yes,,Yes,"May want to consider including others- partner, kids etc that may need care/support. So if I want to run but am still breastfeeding my baby on full time oxygen, for example- I may need a safe space for their equipment at events",A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,"Someone shouldn't have to jump through lots of hoops to get support. If they need to be in a wheelchair, they need access to candidate event spaces. They shouldn't have to get 4 different lots of evidence to prove that",Yes,What about local council elections?,,"Perhaps a preloaded card and receipt collection. You want it to be easy for someone to get what they need, rather than having to get each individual thing signed off. Sometimes this might require grabbing something last minute, as you discover a place isn't set up properly for you.",No,,,Yes,Make sure there is a reasonable understanding of different types of disabilities as well as election rules understanding ,,,,14/08/2022 11:49,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Psychiatric/psychological, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,,Yes,,,,Yes,,,Yes,,,,,14/08/2022 10:36,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,As long as it meets the needs of the applicants and is transparent as,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,They provide further support for the candidate,Yes,"September /October round is now on us, so timing is important.",,,No,"Only if the individual allows the involvement, flip side is the parties may have their own internal supports.","Reports are the general go to for accountability, financial and qualitative reports will suffice. ",Yes,,,,,14/08/2022 9:17,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,No,,,,Yes,,3 quotes and receipts ,Yes,,,,,14/08/2022 9:16,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Chronic condition or health problem,Coeliac disease ,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,A letter from a health professional dated within 24 mo this of the election should be enough,,Yes,,Yes,,,,No,,"Public disclosure, providing receipts for the items purchased or rented made available for the public, does not need to be named. Could be something like ?politician #45 Access fund spend 2022/2023?",Yes,,,,,14/08/2022 8:04,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Prefer not to say,Prefer not to say,,s 9(2)(a),,No,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,Yes,,,Yea,Yes,,,Yes,,,,,14/08/2022 7:38,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Psychiatric/psychological,,s 9(2)(a),I was highly critical of the massive increase in cost to $200 - I only get $480/wk to live & not allowed to have savings because of WINZ,Yes,How do we make sure this panel isn't full of political party hacks with an agenda?,Yes,,Yes,"I wish with all my heart our govt would follow all the UN treaties they have signed and our constitutional laws, sadly they don't",A legal declaration is enough evidence,So what we might have people society sees as not suitable & perhaps they are ostracised & don't belong to any GROUP - like rape victims with Complex PTSD,,Yes,You might have to provide Occupational Therapist as nobody I know with mental health issues can get one!,Yes,,"I have serious issues with new situations - until I am familiar with them and have people I can trust around me. I would need a mental health support worker during the process - or Occupational Therapist, to help me with the psychological challenges I would face. Also the abuse and hatred I would be subjected to for being unemployed and disabled",A poor disabled person has to have things paid upfront but still should provide all invoices when money is spent & return money that isn't. Working with a health profession the finances should be covered to.,No,"Involvement should be choice of the candidate, what disability support they get is little to do with the party",From what you are proposing there is assurance and accountability,Yes,"Hopefully one day it could be all disabled people with the expertise in rules for candidates and elections, some of us aren't stupid & could easily learn the rules","It is very sad that disabled people are often soooo poor they cannot afford to participate in our democracy and the very people/organisations that cause them to be destitute and unnecessarily suffer. Also to be despised by their community for not working, if they have a more hidden disability. Currently a lot of people feel disconnected from society so I am sure a disabled poor person would represent interests of extremely poor people - not just with disabilities.",,,14/08/2022 5:53,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,Further evidence may be required if the said disability is not obvious.,,Yes,,Yes,,,Agree,No,,Receipts or statements as proof,Yes,,Great to support people with disabilities that want to stand for election. Anyone - able or disabled - that can make a valuable contribution should have equal opportunities. ,,,14/08/2022 1:35,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Physical impairment/physical disability,,s 9(2)(a),I think its good to have funding for all ables of life it will give us some one who lives on our shoes a voice to show the country what it truly takes to get up and do everyday chores the voice to explain how we live and what can be done while having a disability making homes available to make life a little more easier getting around community's and educating them ,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,,Yes,,,,Yes,,,Yes,,To listen to all that have disabilty who know what it takes to be able to be funded to become a candidate that yes we are still human and still want to be talked to like a normal walking person this has to be the best idea or first step to take the reigns and take it full on with a punch to even get the funding plan in place really appreciate that we have been thought for to long have we been put in the background and forgotten about ,,,13/08/2022 23:53,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Neurological,,s 9(2)(a),I need to run to be a voice for the neurodiverse ,Yes,N/A,Yes,N/A,Yes,N/A,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,,Yes,,I think all costs should be covered and it must not affect any benefits,Yes,Yes,N/A,You should use the Blockchain,Yes,No,It needs to cover all costs related to running and not affect any benefit they may be on.,,,13/08/2022 23:41,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,Other,brain memory fading,s 9(2)(a),None,No,None,No,None,No,None,Further evidence should be required,None,,No,None,No,None,Nothing,None,No,None,Dont know,No,No,Help disabilty get jobs need more support,,,13/08/2022 23:23,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Vision",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,,Yes,,,Yes great approach ,No,,Monitoring expenses,Yes,,,,,13/08/2022 19:51,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Hearing,,s 9(2)(a),,No,,No,,No,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,No,,,no,No,,,No,,Another waste of the NZ tax take.,,,13/08/2022 19:16,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Neurological,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,A zoom option might be a good idea if physical meetings are hard to arrange if the applicant has a health condition,Yes,Standardization between parties would be good,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,"Further evidence would be prefered, though if someone lacks an official diagnoses this could be a barrier.",,Yes,,,Would this be expanded for local body elections or parliamentary by-elections over time?,,,Yes,"Yes, but only with the consent of the candidate.",,Yes,,,,,13/08/2022 17:15,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,,Yes,,,,No,,,Yes,,,,,13/08/2022 17:05,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),Pain!,Yes,One-on-one meeting may need to be at applicant's home or by Zoom.,Yes,But how does an applicant get that far? A separate part of the fund maybe?,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,"Transparency, fairness and equity.",,Yes,,Yes,,,Yes,Yes,Only with the permission of the applicant. ,Providing evidence of disability in initial process and providing receipts/accounting for spending should suffice.,Yes,Chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia to be considered a disability ,"CFS/ME, fibromyalgia and related conditions are disabling.",,,13/08/2022 14:38,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,Other,Next of kin for my Downes Syndrome sister ,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,No,What if the person wishes to run as an independent ,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,"To help the candidate get the full, safe access needed for the role. ",Yes,,I think that there needs to support if temporary access equipment is needed eg ramps. Not all venues have wheelchair access and it would disadvantage the disabled candidate if they couldn't access all meetings. ,A good variety of options. Maybe recipts to prove how money was spent. ,No,I believe that you should be talking to the person directly.,Paper trail.,Yes,,,,,13/08/2022 14:05,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Psychiatric/psychological",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,No,"Depends on how you define seeking selection. Both National and Labour Parties I know require one to gain support from local party bodies, get voted for at Regional Conferences, then this goes to a Selection Committee. One must attend various hustings in this process and does the fund cover this The fund should also be open to Local Body Elections",Yes,,Further evidence should be required,The further evidence could include examples of the barriers they face and accommodations required,,Yes,Third parties often understand the barriers faced by the individual and/or provide accommodations. By allowing info from third parties it can provide a greater picture and a person centered approach,Yes,,"Often candidates have to fund venue hire themselves, so this should be considered on a base by base so the venue is accessible. Having been part of the Party Polical process more often than not accessibility is not a factor Parties consider for meetings. It was an issue I had to raise multiple times",Yes,No,Often from experience I have found political parties don't understand accessibility needs. When they have been raised more often then not when raising accessibility issues the party ignored needs," -",Yes,It would depend on the balance of Electoral Committee members and members from the disability community. It is important that the disability representation is meaningful and not just tokenistic ,"The fund does not address the real issue, that is systemic barriers in the selection processes within Political Parties. I know people from the disability community who have stood for selection and been ruled out due to concerns of not being able to manage the role despite candidates volunteering on portfolios, sitting on policy committees etc. Many disabled people I know who were involved in party politics have left due to institutional and systemic barriers. These wont be addressed by this fund.",,,13/08/2022 13:01,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,Yes,,,Yes. Need to be aware of whether applicants have ability to pay and then be reimbursed so it may need to vary according to person' s situation,Yes,There is a need to find out whether the candidate has the support of the party otherwise money could be wasted. In the end the party members vote to determine who will be the candidate. ,Those receiving funding could be provided with a spreadsheet to keep track of money given and spent. They must also provide receipts for all purchases or services. ll ,Yes,,,,,13/08/2022 11:22,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Psychiatric/psychological, Neurological, Hearing, Learning",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,will the person who is applying allowed a support person with them ,Yes,Would someone who hasn't voted be eligible to enrol to be a candidate?,Yes,What about those who have recently been in an accident that has caused a disability?,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,The should also be a support person with them if required,Yes,,Mentorship with someone with experience around elections etc. Paying for the support person flights/accomodation/milage.,I agree,No,You should talk to the candidate first and if you require more information then talk to the party,making sure that there is an allocation for each item ,Yes,There needs to be a mixture of all disabilities on the panel eg invisible disabilities ,,,,13/08/2022 10:31,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Chronic condition or health problem,,s 9(2)(a),Waste of taxpayers money solving a problem that doesn't exist.,No,Having a one on one meeting is more cumbersome than just ticking a form and handing it in. All you need is a passport photo...ID and two hard is it?,Yes,,No,We should have no relations with the United Nations. Mentally impaired people cannot adequately represent other people either. It is a fallacy of composition. ,Further evidence should be required,A test for mental competency of all disabled people should be done to ensure they do not have narcissistic traits and display compassion for others while also having full comprehension of complex subjects and can pass a standard IQ test at least 80 points.,,Yes,A minimum IQ of 80 should be obtained and the results available to the public they represent. ,No,The fund is not necessary...we need competent people not people that constantly need support representing our people.,Most normal candidates should also get fu ding if they are independents. We struggle with these things just as much.,ONLY pay directly to suppliers.,Yes,The major parties should fund the applicant themselves. ,Complete transparency including the name of applicant and reasons and funds given as well as test results for mandatory mental assessment. ,No,This is a division of our people. Jobs should not be given to one group over another group. Who applies and is best for the job is the only criteria.,"People with a mental disability should not be representative of the public.

Physical disabilities is fine.

However you are bringing the process into disrepute by allowing people who cannot mind themselves to be able to represent the people.

If that is the case then the Electoral Commission is a disgrace.",,,13/08/2022 6:06,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Other",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,Yes,,,,Yes,,,Yes,,,,,12/08/2022 22:42,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Prefer not to say,Prefer not to say,,s 9(2)(a),If the system needs to fund access for any demographic then the system is broken and should be completely redesigned so all have equal access. ,No,"If the process is too complicated for an applicant and they need a meeting to complete the application, then the system needs to be redesigned and made simpler. ",No,This approach ignores independents seeking election.,No,This approach ignores those who may be temporarily disabled. ,A legal declaration is enough evidence,Do non-disabled need to prove they are not disabled?,,Yes,If a disabled person wants or requires a third party to be involved ,No,Elections could happen at any time and so funding should not be in rounds or weighted towards political parties..,,This is a reasonable approach,No,"If the fund is required, it should be available for candidates in all elections under the jurisdiction of the Electoral Commission. Parties should only be involved in providing of information and should have no influence on applications. ",This needs to be done with respect to privacy,No,The panel should also include support workers or those with expertise in providing accessible services to disabled people,"Any funding needs to be equitable and should have no relationship at all to incumbent or historic results, but be based purely on what is needed for all to have equal access to election candidacy ",,,12/08/2022 22:00,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Neurological, Hearing, Learning, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),,No,I think a simple online approach in the first instance with 1-1 for those who ask,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,A legal declararation with appropriate consequences ,,Yes,,Yes,,Yes I think it?s covered under assistance but the recompense for a key worker or support person if required ,I wouldn?t support reimbursement after the fact as a disproportionate number of disabled folk are on a benefit or low income ,Yes,Yes as long as it pertains to accessibility requirements and barriers,A publicly available register ,Yes,I would support a mix of 60/40 where the majority are disabled/whaikaha,,,,12/08/2022 21:29,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Speaking, Neurological",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,"I feel this should be optional, some disabled people may not have these kinds of specialised third parties but will still be disabled",Yes,,,,Yes,,,Yes,,,,,12/08/2022 20:10,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,Yes,,,Yes,Yes,,Carry out random audits,Yes,At least 50% disabled if possible ,,,,12/08/2022 19:58,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Vision, Learning",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,,Yes,,,,No,,,Yes,,,,,12/08/2022 19:27,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),No,Yes,No,No,,No,,,"There doesn't seem to be an option for if they are elected, maybe i missed the point of this survey",,,"There doesn't seem to be an option for if they are elected, maybe i missed the point of this survey",No,"There doesn't seem to be an option for if they are elected, maybe i missed the point of this survey","There doesn't seem to be an option for if they are elected, maybe i missed the point of this survey","No, the majority shouldn't be taxed to provide the minority a voice, they are already a drain on resources. Yeah its sad for them but bad luck that's how life goes, every million you chuck at this is one less million for productive people in our society that are also struggling. Harsh but true ",Yes,If they aren't members of a political party then they shouldn't be eligible for anything ,"Yes, stop wasting tax payers money on feel good projects, the country is struggling but you want to create this to look after.oo1 of the population. Sure its a good cause but also a waste of time ",No,,"This is a feel good project, plenty of other things would benefit from this money in a far more productive way, nurses, doctors etc ",,,12/08/2022 17:47,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Hearing,,s 9(2)(a),"This depends on whether the fund will become available, then more likely someone like a Deaf person with strong advocacy skills would be able to feel more free to stand up for an election, if have this specific fund support to provide NZSL interpreters to bridge the language/s between Deaf and hearing people.",Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,No,,Yes,,"Well thought through list. If a Deaf person would stand for an election, then would appreciate the extra support such as writing, editing, spell checking, etc. As they would be expect to deliver their presentations to explain why they would be elected.",Yes,Yes,"Would be good to clarify with political party to identify their financial assistances with this, not only rely on this access fund.",Agree.,Yes,,"Thank you for the consultation survey, I just found this just by coincidence when I was reading about the local elections on this website! :-)",,,12/08/2022 17:03,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,No,Political parties should do their own fundraising,No,,No,If you are going to make legislation you can?t have a mental impairment,Further evidence should be required,,,No,,No,,,No. ,No,,Do not use taxpayer funds for political electioneering in the first place,No,,"We do not need it.
Private funds for candidates.
No tax payer money fir POTENTIAL candidates.

If I go for a job, the potential employer dies not pay me for time sienna preparing an application or my travel costs.

Nz taxpayers should not pay an individuals potential candidate costs. ",,,12/08/2022 16:21,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Psychiatric/psychological, Neurological",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,,Yes,,,Yes.,No,,,Yes,,,,,12/08/2022 15:01,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),"I suffer a lot of chronic pain, am pretty good at pattern recognition and because of my pain I have learnt to be lazy. And that involves being able to offer solutions, to listen and have good rapport with those around you. I understand the difference between laziness and stagnation and unfortunately I recognise a lot of closed loop patterns of stagnation even within my own life awell. I'd like to gain an insight and understanding about stagnation and see if I can come up with ways to help solve that. I can also ask scathing questions and hound people for straight answers. So either way I wanna know more especially as a survivor of some pretty horrific human rights violations I've a vested interest in gaining further clarity about the fund to make certain that it isn't the pariah to a marginilised already stressed part of the community.",No,It undermines democracy through the inherent nature of subjective rapport and through it's confidentiality which is vulnerable to corruption as 1 interviewer would be subject to a lpt of stress and in the possibility that they're already acquainted with an individual from a small pool wouldn't that challenge both the fairness and legitimacy of this practice and then a potentially worse future where New Zealand's sovereignty could get brought into question?,No,Vi?lifying seeking information and dehumanising folk for wanting a conversation,Yes,Do you agree with it enough to stick to your guns on that one?,Further evidence should be required,"Being confident enough to look at your own systems, gain an uderstanding that mistakes do happen, acknowledge those mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and if you can't rectify then make reparations for the damages. I agree that the proposed approach should be enough to potentially solve some stagnation but ultimately credibility is important and difficult to get back if you lose it.",,Yes,I'm kinda torn on this one. But 60% towards yes based under the belief that a letter from a therapist can offer some credibility however I would still take it with a grain of salt.,Yes,If there's a plan already in place and the admin work already done why would we re do it. That amount of wasted admin work isn't fair on the people doing it or the people paying for it. ,Coffee but them pay for food,"Yeah, getting an invoice isn't too difficult if you're polite and invoices are tidy",Yes,Honestly path of least resistance. If parties vouch for the wrong people they can hurt their credibility by taking a chance on someone. So ethically everyone involved should have the right to an informed decision and speak their peace lest we stray from democracy,"Invoices to require written proposals and a good enough rapport to be able to effectively communicate with the accountants and provide the nescecary documentation (receipts, invoices etc) so there's no scandals",No,I am concerned that the disabled people may feel exploited if they're on their feet to help you guys out and not really getting anything out ofnit when they're already a marginilised demographic,,,,12/08/2022 14:12,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Hearing,,s 9(2)(a),I was curious when I saw it on Facebook and my immediate reaction was what a great idea,Yes,The process needs to be supported so agree with that ,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,,Yes,,,As long as there is not unlimited hoops to jump through I am happy. ,Yes,,With a thorough selection criteria to decide eligibility we should be ok,Yes,,,,,12/08/2022 13:13,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Prefer not to say,Prefer not to say,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,Yes,,,"paying invoices directly to suppliers of goods and services,",Yes,,Be honest,No,Yes to Electoral Commission staff with expertise in rules for candidates and elections.,"Disable its hard to get funding for help. Bad feed back from M?ori, they were turned down for the help with taxis. So judt didnt make a attempt to visit the office in Hamilton east

",,,12/08/2022 12:09,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,,Yes,,,,No,,,No,,,,,12/08/2022 11:41,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Psychiatric/psychological",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,Many disabled people do not access support for day to day life so requiring additional evidence would likely create another barrier that non-disabled people won't have,,No,"A third party should be allowed to provide evidence if needed, but not required to",Yes,,Is there financial support available if a candidate on a benefit wishes to apply to be a candidate? A low income fund that could be applied to by any candidate requiring it would remove additional barriers and create more inclusivity,This seems reasonable and to for most scenarios ,No,"People should be able to consent to their party being spoken with, but not required",Existing processes on this for other funds will likely be adequate ,Yes,,"People with intellectual disabilities have traditionally been excluded from voting. This is changing but work will be needed to promote these funds in a variety of formats, including easy read. ",,,12/08/2022 10:59,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Chronic condition or health problem,,s 9(2)(a),,No,Does the applicant get a copy of the decision and what to do if they disagree,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,,No,The second round should be closer to election date. ,Perhaps some sort of strategical advice should be part of this ,Seems to be a whole lot of responsibility for the applicant to do paper trail. Are they held accountable for funds granted,Yes,The applicant should be able to access funds without involving their political alliance. The requirements to supply this information is surely a breach of privacy act. It should not be mandatory unless and until the applicant decides to supply this information ,If the applicant is required to keep the paper trail then perhaps a six monthly or annual return should be required. ,Yes,As long as the panel has no political agenda ,Overall its a great idea. More people with disabilities should represent those of us in this situation. I cannot stress enough how politically neutral all panel members should be. ,,,12/08/2022 10:57,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,,Yes,,,No,No,,,Yes,,,,,12/08/2022 10:12,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Psychiatric/psychological, Speaking, Learning, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),Yes I want to make a change,Yes,It's time for change,Yes,"No I fully would like to stand but until this change could not,I most certainly will declare I am standing as have a lifetime experience unshared because of this blockage right now .",Yes,What took so long,Further evidence should be required,"Depending,don't start bringing in a paid maid service ice,letters from specialists are sufficient naming your disabilities.",,Yes,I believe any third hard support on your side for a good cause is good.,Yes,I believe the individuals standing for themselves need a say too. I see myself as a leader.,I would stand alone and not join any party going in nz I would start a disability party because I would know I could trust every single team mate,Well I would give a list of up front needs and costs for approval then pay as you need for approval.,No,"Firstly you are giving to those already have,you need to give to those who have not,you won't find the have not already members you will find the needy in surveys like this.","Yes,do not give to a party,zero accountability,give to one trustworthy person at a time.",No,The balance needs to be mostly disabled in some way panel with excellent recruiting skill. Non disabled won't get it. Not living it ,"The worths in the name,elect access,",,,12/08/2022 9:25,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),"No interest in applying personally, support people with disabilities being able to have equitably ",Yes,,Yes,Extend this to support Local Government Elections also. ,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,"Assurance is needed, but not over the top that it becomes impossible and a new barrier",,Yes,,Yes,,"Translations may need to be in voice for blind persons, and NzSL interpreter for deaf.","Yes, upfront would assist and they would not be put out. Then on finish, receipts and payback.",No,"This is an individual need, the party may need to know about it, but they shouldn't have to speak for the individual","Up front assistance provided with some guidelines, not restrictions. They will know what is most suitable for their needs. On completion, Receipts and transactions to show spend and repayment of unspent funds.",Yes,Do not be overly critical of a person. They may be facing enough barriers as it is and this could be another if not handled appropriately.,"Equitable access for people facing barriers most do not is not a threat to those without the barriers. As a fully able bodied person, I have no issue with support given where it is needed.
Removing barriers for these individuals to fully participate is absolutely fair and will give them the chance to participate without disadvantage for themselves or others.",,,12/08/2022 9:14,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Hearing,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,This is tricky however as it is more about weeding out those who may be taking advantage of something that doesn?t really apply to them and that raises the complex issue of burden of proof - and all the not helpful aspects that raises.,,Yes,"They may have new/alternate mechanisms to enable access, but again challenging if they are not in a relationship with the candidate and coming in to ?judge? the support needs.",Yes,,,I agree with evidenced expenditure and to really support equitable access this should be made available prior to spend occurring (rather than reimbursement). As candidates have clear requirements of financial activity this should not be unexpected or unnecessarily burdensome.,Yes,Parties should be visible and part of active support for all their candidates,Clearly articulated rules at the outset - perhaps example through scenarios of what is acceptable and what is not will help,Yes,,"I think this is excellent and I hope there is seamless flow of support should the candidate successfully secure a role - to establish and put into effect the expectation that leveling funding is available must continue into the formal systems too - appreciate this is not the electoral commissions role, but in promoting candidate access I believe you have a voice in incumbent access too.",,,12/08/2022 9:11,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,Yes,,,,Yes,,,Yes,,,,,12/08/2022 8:22,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,This will be completely unworkable. What barriers? Everyone who stands for public office faces barriers.,,Yes,,Yes,,This will stigmatise disablrd candidates,,Yes,,,No,Disabled people need not be on the panel as expert advice would be available,A total waste of taxpayers money,,,12/08/2022 8:15,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Chronic condition or health problem,,s 9(2)(a),I support equity and people with disabilities face extra obstacles to non disabled if trying to enter public office ,Yes,No,Yes,No,Yes,No,Further evidence should be required,No,,Yes,The cost should be met from the fund,Yes,No,I think it's comprehensive ,Yes,No,No,Not my field of expertise ,Yes,Dr Huhannah Hickey would be excellent. She is not known to me personally but I have seen her work tirelessly on our behalf for decades.,Its an excellent idea. Go for it.,,,12/08/2022 7:55,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,No,"Though mental and intellectual are disabilities we acknowledge and do not discriminate, there are some disabilities that should not be running our nation. These will impair their abilities to do the job.",Further evidence should be required,"There needs to be absolute thorough proof, not just a lawyer whose job is to use the law to get their client what they are after. As thorough as you make this process, lawyers will find the unintended loopholes.",,Yes,,Yes,,"An asdistant may be needed, but not trained. Their assistant should already be trained for the job. Also, a detailed list of support provided needs to listed, not just an open ended ""e.g.""",Only reimbursing. This way you validate their spending. There must be the highes level of accountability.,Yes,"We are a Democracy, there has to be accountability.","I already added my concerns on accountability, it has to be high so our hard earned tax dollars are not abused.",No,"We do not want to discriminate but we also do not want sympathy. Yes, there can be disabled persons on the makeup, but making this a requirement ensures an empathy whereas the professionals used in the application process will have thoroughly vetted the actual disability. Any intended sympathy will make the entire process biased.","I think limited and accountable funds should be made available. There are a lot of qualified individuals who need the ""leg up"" to be able to compete. However, there has to be the strictest accountability, as well as commonsense as to qualifications, where some disabilities just will not qualify for running our nation. ",,,12/08/2022 7:48,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,But candidates who are standing as Independent need to be catered for as they can?t notify a Party Secretary. ,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,Yes,,No,Yes,No,,"There should be a realistic limit, and invoices or proof of payment needs to be provided for all money granted. ",Yes,,No,,,12/08/2022 7:44,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,"Slight concern how ?invasive? it might be. If someone presents with a non-visible impairment could the process become insensitive. The interviewing needs to be well-trained and have open, positive mindsets.",Yes,Would be helpful if local government was also included.,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,Not everyone with an impairment can access other help easily so asking for further evidence of that nature seems unfair.,,No,I don?t think it should be a requirement. I think potential candidates will provide the evidence they feel is sufficient. It is not for the panel to demand what they think is?enough? evidence.,Yes,"If a candidate gets funding for selection campaign and are successful, they should then get help with their campaign without having to do a full application again.",No.,Could it not operate more like a grant I.e. awarded up front either in full or in instalments with evidence provided afterwards. The idea is for the funding to be empowering and treating people like adults. Most of the above doesn?t seem to do that. ,No,,Run it like an accountable grant scheme and release funds in instalments when proof of spend of previous instalment is given. The application process should involve a proposed budget with quotes if applicable or easy to provide.,Yes,Need to ensure diversity of ethnic origin etc also.,It?s a great idea and should include local body elections. Ka pai!,,,12/08/2022 7:09,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Psychiatric/psychological, Vision, Other",Neurodivergence / ASD,s 9(2)(a),"I want to get involved in both local & general government, but i don?t just need accommodations for my Disability. My condition is exacerbated by stress, so I would need a buddy to split the work with.",Yes,"Care must be taken to ensure this process does not, in itself, present a barrier to access",Yes,,Yes,YAY thank you! ?now can we use this working definition in other areas??,A legal declaration is enough evidence,"Disabled people have to ?prove? they are disabled almost constantly. There?s never-ending critique that becomes micro-aggression, especially when the impairment isn?t obvious. Let?s not lean into that. ",,Yes,"I don?t think this should be NECESSARY, but it can absolutely be helpful, especially from third parties that specialise in assessments - like Workbridge.",Yes,,"Seating - so all candidates are at the same height at events like debates (where a Disabled person may not be able to stand for long periods); early access to venues to learn one?s way around (particularly for Service Animals); resources/training for noise reduction during events; tech support - speech to text software is *very* subjective & that software must be trained. It?s not a hire-&-return thing; providing accessible venues MUST be a thing included, especially as accessible venues tend to cost more - if we literally cannot get in the door, then what is the point?; Accessible Accommodation - Disabled folx might require more rest time before/after events, meaning that on top of the usual issues getting Accessible accommodation, they may need to stay longer in order to participate","I agree with all methods except reimbursement. Disabled people are disproportionately affected by poverty, so having to pay out of pocket with no guarantee of payment is likely to be a bigger stressor for us. It also obfuscates the actual costs faced by the Disabled person. ",Yes,This needs to be approved by the Disabled person!,just? don?t make life even harder for Disabled people with your process. ,Yes,"At least half the panel should be Disabled, & the Panel should consider inviting an expert to speak to them about the needs of each applicant. ",,,,12/08/2022 0:42,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Psychiatric/psychological, Neurological, Learning",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,"some people have significant disabilities, but can't access support services etc. proving my disability to the uni was very expensive. i have a piece of paper now, but for many years i didn't. was still disabled",,No,"maybe, really depends",Yes,i dont think im well-informed enough to have an opinion about it,hiring voice recorders sounds very strange and cost ineffective. a dictaphone is like $100..why would you hire it? ,,No,if they want to involve their party i guess,,Yes,,,,,11/08/2022 23:50,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,,Yes,,,,No,,,Yes,,,,,11/08/2022 23:24,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Neurological,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,Both should be applied ,,Yes,,No,Agree with purpose of round 1 but not round 2,Agree with suggested supports ,Prefer paying approved invoices directly on behalf of the candidates ,Yes,,Expense Reports provided annually and publicly available ,Yes,,,,,11/08/2022 22:36,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,Important not to provide excessive funding to applicants & minimize wastage.,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,Yes,,Agreed. Nothing else. ,Agree - covers all necessary methods of payment. ,Yes,No comments. ,An audit of some sort should be applied to each recipient of funding. Recipients should provide receipts of expenditure of funding. ,Yes,No comments. ,No further comments. ,,,11/08/2022 22:24,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Prefer not to say,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,,Yes,,,Yes. ,Yes,,I think that accountability for funds provided should be mandatory. ,Yes,,,,,11/08/2022 22:14,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,,Yes,,Should cover all costs,Which ever suits the individual. One model does not fit all,No,,,Yes,Provide mentors as well,"Leverage up disadvantaged groups is the only way to find equity in this system.
Do more than you can. ",,,11/08/2022 20:27,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,No,People need to be able to apply for assistance before declaring their candidacy. There eill be some for whom they cannot be a candidate without the funded support.,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,,Yes,,,,Yes,,,Yes,,,,,11/08/2022 20:09,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Prefer not to say,Prefer not to say,,s 9(2)(a),,No,"Still trying to understand who asked for this funding / procedure, what public consultation was undertaken , and why it is needed",No,Where is the list of what constitutes a candidate having an unfair advantage ,No,Why can't we have our own standards that are designed and developed here. The UN does not rule New Zealand,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,Yes,,"Training, transport and accommodation are applicable to all candidates, not just disabled ones, and should be excluded",System that is transparent and has inbuilt fraud checking should be used,No,Involving them add bias,"To be honest, st a time when most people are struggling with inflation and the basics, I see this as the worst time ever to introduce this policy ",No,,"As stated earlier, introduction at this time seems ridiculous - get back to core basics, we havent needed this before, and cannot afford it now !",,,11/08/2022 19:40,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Psychiatric/psychological, Speaking, Vision, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,,Yes,,,Yes,Yes,,,Yes,,,,,11/08/2022 19:19,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Hearing,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,It?s important the initial process accommodates a lot of people. People may need support to explain why they wish to apply. Perhaps an example or a list of things to consider adding would be useful.,Yes,,Yes,Applying the Enabling Good Lives principles would also be approved.,A legal declaration is enough evidence,A legal declaration should be defined and disclosed up front to anyone seeking candidacy ,,Yes,"If the person requests that type of support, yes. A third party may have ideas on how to implement accomodations. Otherwise, no.",Yes,,,"Yes, but an electronic means of claiming via an app would be the easiest to facilitate payments. ",No,"Only talk to them if a person seeking selection or candidate wishes. Agreement about what information is disclosed, to whom and when is critical.","Using codes to allocate funds would allow you to demonstrate where expenditure goes. Sharing peoples stories about the difference the fund made would be a good start. Share the number of people who showed interest, who applied, who were successfully funded. Publish those in infographics and in easy to read formats.",Yes,"Disabled people in the panel need to be given information about the electoral processes to gain expertise on it as well. As soon as possible, disabled people should have a pathway to gain that expertise and function in those roles, alongside non-disabled people. Any junior disabled people already working in the commission should?ve offered opportunities to be involved and mentored.",,,,11/08/2022 19:16,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Prefer not to say,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,Yes,,,,Yes,,,Yes,,,,,11/08/2022 18:04,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,"Ensure that applicants can bring support people, one to one meetings could put some people off.",No,"What if the person doesn't want to approach a party not knowing if they will be supported through this fund or not? I would argue that ALL disabled people standing will face additional barriers, therefore the 3rd point on previous page is moot.",Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,Only if desired by the potential candidate. Many disabled people are very able to explain their support needs.,Yes,Provided they only need to apply once.,"Printing could require assistance, for example a blind candidate may wish to have some printed materials available in Braille. Please do not be overly prosciptive on how the funding is used.",Like the tailored approach.,No,,Providing receipts for expenses is enough. ,Yes,,It would be great if this were also provided at a Council and Local Board level. It would be good to collect statistics on how many people may not have chosen to stand without this support. ,,,11/08/2022 17:17,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Chronic condition or health problem,,s 9(2)(a),I do not intend to apply for it in the foreseeable future but I'm glad it will exist as it makes the option viable,Yes,I do think the requirements should be kept vague as there are a lot of borderline disabilities that don't necessarily get diagnosed or put people on disability lists but can prevent them from working etc,Yes,I just think that the definition for disability does need to be kept loose so as not to discourage people on the borders,Yes,I think this is good,A legal declaration is enough evidence,I think examples should be used to show what situation a person might be in.,,Yes,,Yes,"It is good, I think people might need to be made aware of it though so maybe advertising in advance",I think this sounds very good,"Paying up front, requiring receipts and the return of unspent money sounds best to me",Yes,"I think all of them should be consulted (including the little ones) as they might have specific ideas and need a guide for what could be spent on. I wouldn't want a candidate to receive bad council, spend the grant in something that wouldn't be accepted and then end up in debt. Whatever the rules are they need to be clear.",Make it clear what the money can be spent on and publicly store the record of expenditure for transparency.,Yes,Sounds perfect ,"Fantastic idea, very supportive of this move.",,,11/08/2022 17:15,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Psychiatric/psychological, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),I would consider it if I needed to. The nature of my (permanent) chronic condition means sometimes I am more able and other times I am more severely disabled ,Yes,I think it's great to have a conversation rather than just fill in a form as often the nuances can get lost in paperwork which makes it harder for disabled people to communicate their needs,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,A legal and public declaration should be sufficient. ,,Yes,Only if appropriate or offered by the candidate ,Yes,,,Yes. Kei te pai ,No,Parties should only be involved at the request of the candidate ,Ensuring that receipts and invoices are provided ,Yes,Disabled representation must include a variety of different disability types and tangata whenua representation ,No,,,11/08/2022 17:15,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Neurological,,s 9(2)(a),No,Yes,No,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,Yes,,,,Yes,,,Yes,,,,,11/08/2022 17:02,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,This says nothing about independent candidates,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,This extra step seems unnecessary if the one on one meeting and party endorsement are also occurring,,No,"Again, with the one on one meeting it should be enough for a disabled person to simply describe their own situation to youn",Yes,,,Yes,Yes,,,Yes,,,,,11/08/2022 14:48,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Hearing, Other",ADHD,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,"Ensure information on applying, and the application process is fully accessible to all disabled people with a range of alternative formats ",Yes,"I wonder about the criterion regarding experiencing barriers that non-disabled people don?t face. Like, the fact that they?re disabled means their already facing these structural barriers, or have previously. Why should disabled people need to further prove that.",No,"This definition is not broad enough, and doesn?t include things like neurodivergence that in many cases equally disabled by society ",A legal declaration is enough evidence,I don?t even think a legal declaration should be required. There shouldn?t need to be any form of declaration or proof. Their disability status is proof enough ,,Yes,"But only where necessary, disabled people know themselves and their needs best, they should only be involved where a disabled person requires one. It might not even be necessary ",Yes,,"80% of disabled people live below the poverty line, if you really wanted to give disabled people an equitable seat at the table when it comes to elections, you?ll pay for their advertising and leaflets too. ","I think maintaining a flexible approach is best, and in the spirit of promoting disabled leadership. They are the leaders in their own lives, they know what works for them. ",No,"You should only talk to their party if they have specified that you can, and that they need to be involved ",Just do a standard random auditing process. ,Yes,"The way this is phrased implies that disabled people can?t be experts at these things. There are many disabled policy experts out there, hire them too, don?t just get disabled people in for the sake of it. That?s tokenism. Get disabled people who clearly have something to bring to the table. ","I think you guys need to do more work with the disabled community on this. It?s clear you don?t really understand disabled people or disability issues, or what it means to promote disabled leadership. I think overall this is a good idea and should be worked through, but the crown already imposes so many structural barriers upon disabled people, this process itself should be an enabler, not a structural barrier. Make efforts to include disabled people in all aspects of the process from the start, and they will flourish. ",,,11/08/2022 13:37,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Other,Mental health issues and back injury,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,Verified by doctor,,Yes,,No,I don't think the fund is necessary,,Where is this money coming from?,Yes,,Public money - don't spend it on this,No,As a disabled person this whole thing annoys me.,"Yeah, don't do this. Waste of money. If a disabled person wants to become a politician, more power to them, but I'm not going to support helping any politician get anywhere. If they want it, they can work for it themselves. Just because they're disabled doesn't mean they have better views than anyone else",,,11/08/2022 12:15,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Neurological",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,,Yes,,,,No,,,Yes,,,,,11/08/2022 9:20,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,No,,,s 9(2)(a),,No,I don?t support this policy ,No,I don?t support this policy ,No,I don?t agree with this policy ,Further evidence should be required,,,No,,No,,,,No,,Need independent assurance that money doesn?t favour one political party,No,,,,,10/08/2022 22:54,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Chronic condition or health problem,NO,s 9(2)(a),No,Yes,No,Yes,No,Yes,NO,A legal declaration is enough evidence,NO,,Yes,NO,Yes,No,NO,NO,Yes,NO,NO,Yes,NO,NO ,,,10/08/2022 19:02,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Hearing, Learning, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,Yes,,no,yes,Yes,,no,Yes,,,,,10/08/2022 18:52,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Psychiatric/psychological, Learning",no,s 9(2)(a),no,Yes,no,Yes,yes,No,no,A legal declaration is enough evidence,no,,Yes,no,Yes,no,no,yes,Yes,yes,no,Yes,no,yes,,,10/08/2022 18:37,
ActionStation,Ruby Powell,Campaigner,[email address],Group,advocacy,,Not applicable,,,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,"Only in extraordinary circumstances, requesting and collating evidence from third parties can be a costly and difficult hindrance would could prevent people from being able to access the funds in the first place.",No,Should be open all year round and done on a case by case basis,,Yes,No,,,Yes,,We think it would also be good to hold a fund as part of this for organisations and groups hosting candidates meeting to be able to ensure those candidate meetings are accessible for disabled members of the community. Including but not limited to sign language interpreters. ,,,10/08/2022 17:16,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Speaking, Neurological, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,"Further evidence is problematic because it is a barrier, many disabled people are denied support due to this. diagnosis is based on criteria and not need",,No,"Again, diagnosis is not about need thus this will be flawed approach and a barrier for people to apply ",Yes,,"I'm a bit concerned about what you mean by ""campaigning"" since selected candidates campaign are usually subsides by the party. Whilst the infomation does say that ""it's to remove barriers that a abled-bodied candidate don't face, it is unclear what it means. ",Paying services will be the best option. Different parties have different ways of doing things and thus paying for the services themselves would ensure consistency and fairness regardless of who they are afflated to or is independent ,Yes,"Again different political parties has different procedures in place. In order to ensure it does not end up becoming a beaucratic nighmare, I think the parties themselves should be consulted to ensure smooth sailing ",transparency of what the money is spent on that is semi-public ,Yes,"Since political neutrality is impossible, I suggest that all political parties have a representative. The principle of Te Tiriti must also be followed making sure there is representation from M?ori",,,,6/08/2022 14:36,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Psychiatric/psychological,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,"I think they should be allowed to provide further evidence to strengthen their case, but a legal statement should be enough ",,Yes,"Yet again, they should be able to be involved but shouldn't be necessary ",Yes,,,,Yes,I think a political party should be noticed and kept informed of the process but not necessary for anything. Particularly as there is also the possibility for independent candidates,"Public information on how much is spent in general for how many people, no names though. But say what it was spent on",Yes,The minister for disabilities should oversea or chair the panel but otherwise stay removed,,,,5/08/2022 14:05,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Psychiatric/psychological,,s 9(2)(a),,No,I think there should be allowances for the applicant to have a support person with them.,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,The candidate should have autonomy in stating their needs without medical or legal documentation to prove it.,Yes,,,Payment up front to promote autonomy (with invoices and receipts),,How do you know the political party's support is genuine? ,How will you ensure accountability to disability rights groups?,Yes,Dr Huhana Hicky should be involved.,What support does the fund provide for disabled applicants who are Maori or Pacifika who may have to provide kai at events? Expectations of them as applicants could be different from those that are Pakeha.,,,3/08/2022 13:39,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Neurological,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,Disabled people should not have to describe in detail their impariment- please just ask what support needs are required,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,,Yes,,,,No,,,Yes,"There are many disabled people that have the skill set required, please consider employing disabled people for electoral commisson roles",,,,3/08/2022 12:50,
Debbie Ward,,"National Disability Leadership Coordinator, CCS Disability Action",[email address],Group,provider,,"Chronic condition or health problem, Speaking, Neurological, Hearing, Vision, Learning, Physical impairment/physical disability",Pan disability organisation,,,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,The responsiveness and timeliness of this approach will be important.,No,This criteria may need to be broadened to include individual candidates not affiliated with a registered party. ,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,Disabled people shouldn't have to justify their eligibility due to their impairment.,,No,Disabled people should not be treated differently. They know what their support needs are. Trust must exist between the applicants and the funder. they should not be treated differntly as enrolled citizens.,Yes,,Portable ramp to access often inaccessible speaking areas when campaigning.,Yes. ,No,A supporting letter from an applicants political party should be optional for the applicant to provide.,Definately a record of reconciliated funds spent along with receipts. An accountability report to be provided by the successuful applicant during and at the end of the campaining and election period.,Yes,,Will this fund become available for local body elections in the future? Not many disabled people have the resources to stand for local Council or Community Boards and are successful. This is often a stepping stone to move into politics and stand for national elections. This would be a good way to make politics more accessible and inclusive for disabled people.,,,2/08/2022 13:54,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Vision,,s 9(2)(a),,No,"Its nice to have someone to work through filling in an application, however surely completing as much online is the way forward ",Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,Yes,,,,Yes,,,Yes,,,,,28/07/2022 19:22,
Mike Potter- Disability Connect,,CEO,[email address],Group,provider,,"Chronic condition or health problem, Psychiatric/psychological, Speaking, Neurological, Hearing, Vision, Learning, Physical impairment/physical disability, Other",We are pan disability,,,,s 9(2)(a),Doesn't seem relevant to a pan disability information provider with parents forming the bulk of its membership ,No,"Having a one on one meeting does assume that the person applying will be able to articulate coherently. Family/whanau supports should be allowed, as they are in ao marama in the justice system. Can understand that politicians are required to be able to speak independently but there will be aspiring disabled politicians who will be supported by family and whanau in their role and they need to be informed from the beginning. This would be more mana enhancing and enhances choice and control for the disabled person. . ",Yes,,Yes,,Further evidence should be required,"Would like to see clarity on whether a letter from family and whanau support is welcome in this instance. to remove any doubts from a legal statement where Intellectual Disability, age or Health Condition could call into question capacity to stand.",,Yes,Third parties are engaged on employment barriers if disabled person is under ACC on request of the disabled person. The disabled person should have the right to decide if third parties are warranted.,Yes,Dont make it too rigorous or it will become a barrier to standing. ,"Assistance animals, assessement co-ordinator if needs are complex and ongoing, therapists e.g. to cope with the rigours of travel, reading, standing and sitting. ",Disabled politician would have greater costs. Budgeted amounts and limits for smaller regular costs should not be a barrier.,No,"Talk to the party only with the consent of the disabled person, its about choice and control, the NZ Disability Strategy and EGL principles. Of course it would be wise to encourage candidates affiliated to a party to talk to their party first!","Trust has to be established and earned. If the candidate already has crdibility through employment, previous history of campaigning or social status then funding should be readily available on a quick reference check. If political novices are standing with no employment experience or status demonstrating political leadership capacity assurances and accountability should be more rigorous, but not so much as to be a deterrent. I would expect a lower level of funding would be available for first time candidacy regardless of whether it is for central or local govt.",Yes,If there were 6 panelists I would like to see only 2 EC staff included so the majority are disabled people from a variety of life experience and disabilities. I would like to see one parent of a disabled person with intellectual disabilities on the panel and the remaining 3 to be disabled people including one Maori/Pasifika. There should be provision to co-opt one or two from a similar background to the candidate as required.,"Plan it. Do it. Study it. Adjust it. Plan again. Don't put weight on advice from govt agencies and DPO's. Community voices, not just of disabled people, need to be considered with greater weight. The community are the voters. ",,,28/07/2022 17:31,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Physical impairment/physical disability,,s 9(2)(a),Feel I am now too old to become so actively involved,No,"It risks being patronizing. People with disabilities would likely know the barriers if interested in running for parliament. By all means have an application process which includes E C support to complete. Upon receipt the E C could make contact to offer information etc but do not assume applicants don't have the intellect to state their case, identify their barriers and be able to propose what works to overcome said barriers. ",Yes,I am presuming the E C may offer support at the 'seeking selection' as well as when confirmed as a candidate?,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,The individual would as previously stated by able to articulate those barriers which they face and which non disabled people do not. They could be offered the opportunity to provide supporting evidence if they so wish. ,,No,"People with disabilities can speak for themselves. They are the experts in managing the systemic, physical and other barriers society puts in their way and they know how these can be minimised or eliminated. ",Yes,,"I would appeal to the E C to build in a discretionary fund to provide for the unanticipated requirements that may well surface. Otherwise, on the face of it the list sounds reasonable","Another option might be for part or full amounted granted to be paid to the local party's campaign committee to manage payments, gather evidence and report on behalf of the candidate. Otherwise, a sound choice of optionsthe secretary of the ",Yes,"The only need I can envisage the E C needing to talk to the applicants local political party is to be assured that they are acknowledged as seeking selection and if successful, that they have been confirmed as the candidate. ","Clear plain English/Maori written commitment by the E C for what is being supported by the fund, for what end and to what value. Explicit written expectations of accountability in relation to evidencing how funds are deployed with time frame for reporting back. Clear understanding that any misuse will be reimbursed. Question - candidates/parties have to report donations over certain values etc - will these 'grants' impact on these limits? Do you expect any backlash from other minority groups who also identify systemic barriers to political engagement?",Yes,People with disabilities should be in the majority with E C staff being more advisory in function. It's time to model systemic empowerment of the disabled population!,"Will this in time be extended to include local body elections? This area often provides the spring board into national political engagement. As a model, might it also gradually support other areas of engagement such as on Iwi Authorities, Boards of Directors? Cheers and thanks for the opportunity to offer input.",,,27/07/2022 22:19,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Vision,,s 9(2)(a),"If I were wanting to stand for election, then I absolutely would. I am a strong supporter of this initiative.",Yes,"The multi-faceted approach ensures that the applicant has ample time and opportunity to ask questions and receive all the relevant information prior to, and during the application process.",Yes,,Yes,"Ensure the definition takes into account any local nuances or re-scoping of the definition in an Aotearoa context, for example, in alignment with Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People. Ensure the Maori definition is also included and explained.",Further evidence should be required,"The evidence should not be difficult to obtain, nor created behind a bureaucratic process such as from a medical or social agency. This could be included prior to the interview, or if people are unsure, it could be discussed further in the interview. A legal declaration is fine, but people should also be willing to disclose how this part of the definition applies to them. This should not become a barrier in and of itself.",,No,"It should be optional if a person chooses to use a support agency, provider etc as supporting evidence. Sometimes these agencies have their own processes which may make this an added barrier or deterrent based on past experiences. Perhaps it could be highly recommended to have evidence from an agency or other organisation, with the knowledge that there are alternatives available and that the applicant is welcome to use any forms of evidence within the criteria that can easily be obtained. We don't want to make people feel they have to ""proove"" they have an access need or disability, while also ensuring that a criteria and scope exists and is adhered to, to guide applicants and funders alike.",Yes,,"Depending on the equipment, e.g. specialist braille equipment, it may not be possible to hire the equipment due to the low availability here in Aotearoa of such equipment and the expense, which is prohibitive for many. For such equipment, it may be beneficial to have devices on hand that can be loaned out to candidates, or a lease agreement with suppliers. Same goes for screen reading software such as Jaws. A solution may be to provide a suitable laptop with an organisational license, so then when the laptop is returned, the license is also. Asking a candidate to use the cheapest option is not always going to suit, based on their familiarity with equipment they have used before. This may need to be taken into account as part of the process.","Yes this is a flexible approach, and it may be helpful for one or more of these options to be made available and known to the applicant. It may be worth investigating an accessible app for photographing receipts for easy upload for vision-impaired clients. Having an easy way for receipts to be uploaded is essential in this case. As is a way to self monitor how the funds allocated are being spent, how much of the allocation is left and ways to transfer that allocation from one source to another. E.g. Able to request more funds on the payment card when necessary and if the requested amount is available.",No,"I said no, but this is because I believe the applicant should be asked during the process whether or not to involve the political party they are affiliated with. It also depends why the party would need to be involved in the assessment process. The person applying should have the final say, and be either present during the conversation, or aware of the reasons and set the scope for the conversation beforehand. There would need to be a clear reason why the party would be involved in this particular process, such as assessing what support is available directly from that party. However, a person's right to choose is of paramount importance over and above involving the party during the consultation.",I think having those robust reporting and funding criteria in place will ensure the funds are spent correctly. ,Yes,"Disabled people involved should have experience assessing funding applications of this nature, and be cognisent of support and equipment providers, and aware of the types of request that would be reasonable within the scope of the fund.",Thank you for setting this up. It is an exciting opportunity for more disabled people to be involved in politics and will open many doors and opportunities.,,,25/07/2022 20:54,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),,No,Not comfortable with the panel for decision. What will be the criteria to grant the fund? ,No,Candidate might be seeking selection before having notified their party secretary that they intend to do so.,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,OTs and support providers might be aware of solutions the candidate might not be aware.,Yes,,,Agree.,No,,Audit after the fund has been sent.,No,"Again, not comfortable with the panel idea.",,,,25/07/2022 17:59,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Hearing, Physical impairment/physical disability",,s 9(2)(a),Considering standing at some point,Yes,1-1 meetings must be fully accessible. This approach is debateable. ,Yes,A party must have no decision making rights in what access a candidate requires. That right belongs to the candidate alone.,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,,No,Selections should not be restricted on 'Electoral time'. It can take longer for some candidates to process their interest in seeking selection well before the official party candidate dates. ,Keep an open mind of what support is necessary as not to discriminate against someone standing for Elections,Will a position be established to work with the candidates and their invoices? ,Yes,"Yes and No really - if the candidate wishes it - then yes, if not, then no. ",set up a position that candidates can contact throughout the election process. ,Yes,,Looking forward to seeing how this fund can effectively work for candidates with disabilities.,,,25/07/2022 14:31,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Other,Deaf and sign language user,s 9(2)(a),pls provide fingerfood buffet to the workshop and explain deaf people about the election in simple information.,No,"to be honest, too much information. deaf grassroot community does not understand this. please provide simple information to deaf community and explain them what does election vote mean to them.",Yes,NA,Yes,yes must encourage people with disabilities to include,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,Yes,,Yes,,,please provide fingerfood buffet to workshop for deaf people,No,,pls provide simple information for deaf people,Yes,,as i said please provide fingerfood buffet to deaf workshops and explain about this new system. pls remember that most of them have low English literacy. ,,,24/07/2022 19:49,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Prefer not to say,Prefer not to say,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,No,,No,,Further evidence should be required,,,Yes,,No,,,,Yes,,"There should be a transparent report after the fact detailing what parties/people/groups received, as well as how much, and make sure that is done before any election.",No,,,,,24/07/2022 17:35,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,Chronic condition or health problem,,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,,Yes,,Yes,,A legal declaration is enough evidence,,,No,,Yes,,,A mixture of payment methods sounds reasonable. Invoices and receipts should always be a requirement as for any business transaction.,Yes,"If permission is given by the candidate. Not all personal information may be relevent, so there should be some discretion used.",The applicant should have an accountant looking after expenditure and to ensure all invoices and receipts are available.,Yes,,,,,22/07/2022 9:42,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Speaking, Neurological, Vision, Learning, Physical impairment/physical disability, Other",neurodiverse,s 9(2)(a),"We don't have access to even vote and we don't have access to attend political infromation, meet the candidates sessions. What hope of ever being a part of the political process do we have if our rights even as voters are denied due to no access to voting locations and candidate information. We cannot even get access for mail in voting because you have made the process and communities so inaccessible",No,"This sounds a lot like needs assessments which are designed to restrict and discriminate against disabled people in recieving enough basic living support. Most needs assessors in one on one take advantage of the disabled person, they have made disabled people feel like they are on show or on display when disability needs can be variable (for autistic children it has been a way to deny them access to their needed learning supports if they are not at their worst so they have to be at the worst to even get the needed support for when they are on a good day). It has often been a prescriptive process that limits support based on very derrogatory terms and biases for different medical conditions and it assumes the society and community at large is all accessible when even getting out the door and being able to go 50m down the road is often inaccessible to most. For instance you may assume a disabled person has access to a supermarket because you do and all those you know can walk but for many disabled people they are often confined to their homes from lack of transport access. So you deny funding because a person may be ambulatory in a home but they will still be denied access to public transport, not have funds for private taxis everywhere and not have access to participate in community events. We have been shut out and denied access to the community, denied access to council &public buildings and denied access to MPs offices for so long that you just assume that is ok with us and that as a society it is acceptable to ignore and not fund at all. Even with an advocate there in the room disabled people are still being denied access to their community even for essential needs so this political fund is no different because all political events and places, even voting is designed to be inaccessible to those without the funds for daily private taxis and full time carer support. ",No,"Many political candidates start the process of advertising and getting their name out there very early especially in local elections first. They attend regularly community meetings advertising themselves, they can attend regular special interest rallies. The start of being a political candidate actually occurs before they have even put their name forward to be one. So definition of a ?candidate? is incorrect. Because before election nominations are even open successful candidates are expected to have been able to market themselves heavily in community events. Now how do you think that goes when you are denied access to community spaces, council offices, and public events because disabled people are systemically denied access to participate? How do you think it goes when even safe access to a toilet is not available in most buildings. Do you think we can even afford to start a political campaign when we are not allowed to even participate in most community events. Yeah lets see how you do in elections when you are left bedridden from lack of carer support without access to cooked food or basic home tasks like bathing and cleaning. Lets see your campaign when you are denied accessible housing and have no money even for emergency dental needs affecting your ability to talk due to severe infection. The process of what makes a candidate, even an average one is all the access they have had to society and the community before nominations. Not what they do afterwards. Now disabled people on ACC are miles better supported for basic needs but even they struggle with society being inaccessible but for those disabled not able to access ACC and not near 65 and above you are more likely to win lotto than to be able to afford adequate community access prior to becoming a candidate. ",Yes,"Some things are not long term and some things are and some things you cannot tell and medical doctors cannot provide certainty either. For instance a traumatic brain injury is very different effects for many many people, some people can return to day to day work with the space of month and others are still impeded after years. Many disabled people are denied ACC support for injuries. In addition there are some conditions which can be considered long term but not disabling at all e.g. a person with slight hearing loss but none when they wear a hearing aid, some vision blurring but none when they have glasses can both be from extremely long term diagnosed disabling conditions but the person may not face significant effects when they use the equipment but can still apply. It is tricky because here you are using the medical model of disability, you have not defined what is considered long term which can be very different for relapse remitting conditions or those with recovery, and the definition of what constitutes full effective participation on equal basis (most older politicians could probably apply for this on the basis of needing reading glasses and difficulty with tech devices). The defintion is problematic on many levels both whether a condition is disabling especially if it has a flexible prognosis, or is variable in ability and day to day functionaility and defining whether or not it has a significant effect on their ability to integrate in society. ",A legal declaration is enough evidence,"Seriously WTF no one gets invoices from support services. Do you get an invoice when you turn up in hospital ER after sepsis? Disabled people have no choice in support services, no visibility on how much is allocated in funding, no visibility on how much is paid and no ability to have their complaints heard or recorded with these support services if they do not turn up. No advocacy group has the time or people to be in local areas anymore and most conditions do not have specific organisations. You could not be more ignorant of the system there. Even for the WINZ doctors reports it is an extremely flawed and costly system requirement. I had to send in over 10 doctors reports all saying the same thing before one was even read and logged. Even then I did not get to be considered disabled by WINZ because only one person in a relationship is allowed to be considered disabled by their computer system and my partner is equally as disabled as me. ",,Yes,"Only if the disabled person needs the assistance of occupational support therapist to explain the support needs but it should be funded by you not them because we cannot access them privately anyway and referrals to an OT take longer than an entire election cycle and governance. For instance it took 10 years from OT referral by GP to getting the required powerchair, (many many injuries and lack of access in the interim). ",No,"Many political candidates start the process of advertising and getting their name out there very early especially in local elections first. They attend regularly community meetings advertising themselves, they can attend regular special interest rallies. The start of being a political candidate actually occurs before they have even put their name forward to be one. So definition of a ?candidate? is incorrect. Because before election nominations are even open successful candidates are expected to have been able to market themselves heavily in community events. Now how do you think that goes when you are denied access to community spaces, council offices, and public events because disabled people are systemically denied access to participate? How do you think it goes when even safe access to a toilet is not available in most buildings. Do you think we can even afford to start a political campaign when we are not allowed to even participate in most community events or go to electoral MP offices.","What about the provision of a toilet when many buildings and places have non accessible ones. How about support to enter buildings such as mobile hoists and ramps with physical aid. If a disabled person is not even allowed into a meet the candidates meeting building and cannot attend because they will need bathroom access at some point why is that not funded. Surely the base needs are important also. You need access to the building before you need notetakers and translators. Not much point if neither of you can physcially be allowed access and basic needs in the space. This funding listed above designed by very able bodied people because there are several physical issues that are not funded here but will need to be to be accessible. Why is there no funding for opening doors, why is there no funding to have work from home remote attendance setup with big presentation screen attendance when the physical buildings or events are completely inaccessible and inappropriate (aka most are for many mobility disabilities), even dangerous, (thinking lighting sound and epilepsy, or smoke allergens and respiratory conditions). Most of our political candidate events are inaccessible to even attend for those disabled as viewers. As participants we are locked out even more and to be equitable then you really do need to look at why most disabled people are denied access to even see these events (many have no choice about exceedingly limited carer support times so they cannot change or adjust them so it is a choice between showering and food that week or attend a remote meeting over zoom. Guess what wins.","Hard as it could be an upfront or variable cost e.g. taxi transport it is impossible to predict the amount or cost (many taxis overcharge disabled people and start meters prior to arrival for pickup) and you cannot not pay the company immediately after the service provision (these costs are quite large and expensive as single trips can be over $100 just for local events, over $200 return). So while the idea for any one method above is there the reality is there will be different use cases for everything and in many ways there may be no way to predict the full cost ahead of time. Funds should be ample to cover extreme cost flexibility. Think Auckland candidate who needs both taxi transport to an event in CBD but then a separate paid private support person to assist with the last mile transport as vehicle access (and disability vehicle access) has been removed. Sometimes this might be many support people as many people may need carrying support lifts due to the built environment and city CBDs becoming more inaccessible. Now there is no private carer support services able to be booked so disabled people would be required to start a business and employ staff if they need private support to attend an event (not covered by DHB support). The setup and management costs for the company to get private support carers will need to be covered, the hiring and ACC taxes for the support carers will need to be covered and the training costs & wages. All this to get someone to help you into a building door or get to town halls that able bodied take for granted. ",No,"That is an exceptionally paternalistic and ignorant thing to do. It will stigmatise and cause discrimination against a disabled person. Imagine if in the process of your work instead of the client receiving your support they also asked to talk to your manager about you for every step you took, every sale you made. Even on a positive basis it does create a stigma to having a disabled person in the first place. ","receipts or letters of assurance. Lets be realistic you have government services which have stigmatised and discriminated against disabled people treating us all as if we were criminals before we even ask for support or interact with government health agencies. So forgive me if I see you getting this part wrong from the outset and continuing to treat us like criminals with no support to prepare the receipts accounting and evidence from you, when that might be the support we need (newsflash they do not make receipts and invoices magically turn into braille). ",No,"Electoral Commission staff have been extrodinarily discriminatory not even allowing this site, or the election process and election candidate application accessible to disabled people. Forgive but I cannot trust them to not be at least as discriminatory, ableist and inaccessible as they are now (with many disabled people not able to partcipate in this survey and it posing many inaccessibility issues for me). I cannot even see what I have written into this survey because you will not let me see it. ","Better than a lame diversity statement while pulling the access rug out from under us but it will be extremely hard for those with disabilities to access to truly be on a equitable footing with others. We are sick of being the token disabled participant to be handed participation awards and called so brave and inspiring for just remembering our own name in this process. No not sick, we are angry and being denied equitable access to vote and even participate in election processes and community events. You are making us sick and depressed when being denied access and we are angry about it. ",,,20/07/2022 20:35,
s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),s 9(2)(a),Individual,,,,,Yes,"Chronic condition or health problem, Neurological, Vision",,s 9(2)(a),,Yes,How will this approach cater for needs which might become apparent as the campaign progresses but not at the outset?,Yes,,Yes,Should also be clear that this includes neurodivergent people and people with chronic illness/chronic pain,A legal declaration is enough evidence,Further evidence is an unfair bureaucratic hurdle. ,,No,only if the candidate wants them to. It shouldn't be a requirement and also the Electoral Commission shouldn't approach them without the candidate actually wanting them to.,No,"Probably needs to be three rounds, two of which are for election funding, as people will become aware of funding needs at different times/points in their campaigning, especially first-time candidates. ",List looks good to me but should be seen as non-exhaustive as other legitimate needs might come up. ,Agree. This should be discussed case-by-case.,Yes,Only with the consent of (or at the request of) the candidate. ,Have candidates sign a declaration to this effect. Preferably not requiring further reporting/paper work as this eats into the candidates precious time/energy.,Yes,Should have people with a range of disabilities. Should include previous candidates. Ideallly should be ethnically and gender diverse. Must include Maori.,,Yes,agree with legal declaration but not requiring further evidence,19/07/2022 6:43,