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Hi Vicki,
Thanks for these, will circulate internally.
2020 is the Big Year of the Portal Rebuild, with an estimated completion date in the 2nd half of
2020 (i.e. sometime Jul-Dec).
The Portal Rebuild is about 2 big drivers things:
- the technology system driving it is to be completely replaced (same tech as what you see in the
Data Management app); this will make it fully responsive (even more so than current, update it to 2020 Javascript, and various other things
- the UI is to be improved to address some common problems (with UIv7 run by LDS and what
you see at, and to exploit some known opportunities, however when it comes
down to it, we have to ensure Portal is launched before scope creeping features into it that will
drag everything out
As part of this project, we're releasing some of the future portal functionality within the Data
Management app for LINZ staff, long before it's time to roll it out as a Portal for the public. The
timeframe for these features to start appearing, for LINZ staff and our other customers, is before
Christmas, ie the next 3.5 months. This is an intentional plan to de-risk the technology side of
this project, to deliver a vastly better data management experience, and to get and incorporate
feedback from our valued customers progressively, not have some high stress big switchover
date as was the case for UIv6->UIv7 (ie "original" LDS UI version to current LDS UI version). Also
please note this Data Management app route is for the technology and basic functionality side of 
things, we're not saying the Portal will look the same, though no doubt aspects will be shared. 
The Portal product has some particular challenges, notably it is extremely SEO'd, and has to 
support a primary discovery workflow of Google search results through to viewing and exporting 
a dataset with is little work as possible for the user.
The Portal Rebuild is specifically not about search results (this is an API level service that our 
Portal product consumes). Instead we're looking at improving search results as a separate 
project next year, and its a big one. So again, we'll be looking to de-risk that by introducing 
elements via the Data Management app long before it's introduced to the public.
So there's room to address some of the attached, but it might have to be on a "LINZ staff usage 
first, public use it later" style basis. Not sure if that's OK with LINZ other than aligning it with the 
normal FY deadline of June 2020, noting the Portal release date (ie for the public) is after June 
FYI Anne is back next week.

On Tue, 17 Sep 2019 at 10:03, Victoria Lindsay <[email address]> wrote:
Hi Ed and Anne
Following a review of customer feedback over last the few years, we’ve shortlisted the 3 
attached customer outcome focused ideas as candidates for LDS development investment this 
year (Statements of Work).
Feedback we’ve recently received through our 2019 customer survey further supports these 
ideas (I am happy to share our survey information with Kx as well once we have it in a state for 
Please provide us some feedback on the attached for investment this year.
Vicki Lindsay
LDS Planning and Support Advisor
Land Information New Zealand
[I don’t work Fridays]
the | | 04 460 0193
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