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LDS favourites
1. Project
What is your idea? What outcomes are you trying to achieve? What will the impact be on customers?
Ideas can include new data sets, functionality enhancements, customer research, business process development etc.
Add the ability within LDS to save favourites. Favourites would allow customers to more easily access datasets that they use most, by storing layers and locations, and 
may include parameters such as projection, format, map view, crop extent etc to allow for easy repeatable exports by returning customers. Favourites would be saved to 
an individuals user account, be customisable and editable (and sharable?). In these ways, it goes beyond the current 'geolink' functionality.
(NB: this is not an extension to the Downloads feature (, i.e. it does not include the ability to re-download previous exports)
2. Problem
3. Contribution
4. Benefits
What problem are you trying to solve? What are the 
How will this¬†project help us 
Which customer group will benefit from this project and what 
challenges, triggers, root causes? What evidence do 
achieve LINZ's strategic objectives? 
difference it make for them? What is the likely scope and scale of the 
you have to support this issue or demand?
Which goal does it relate to and 
user benefit and business benefit:
LDS customers have told us that 'finding data' is the 
expected user gains
biggest pain-point in using the service (33%). Many 
This project directly contributes to 
$ business benefits
of the 'find data' issues relate to data discoverability 
LINZ's focus area of "putting our 
technical benefits
and the frustration customers experience with 
customer at the centre", by enabling 
searching for (terms) data, and the relevance of 
LDS customers to customise part of 
This development will have specific benefit for our repeat non-GIS 
search results.
their experience of the service to suit 
native customers, who are more likely to return often to LDS to 
their tasks.
download updated data across a select collection of datasets. These 
This is amplified for returning customers who report 
customers are less likely to have the tools or capability to use apis to 
frustration with "having to search for the same data 
achieve this outcome. This includes engineers and architects, 
over and over again".
surveyors, and planners.
Official Information 
Returning customers will be able to quickly find favourite datasets and 
export updated data (if it has been updated) for these datasets by their 
chosen parameters, increasing efficiency in their work and their 
experience in using LDS.

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