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Export status feedback
1. Project
What is your idea? What outcomes are you trying to achieve? What will the impact be on customers?
Ideas can include new data sets, functionality enhancements, customer research, business process development etc.
Improve the message and appearance of the Export Status bar to provide customers more meaningful information regarding the process underway and to reduce the 
cases where a customer makes multiple identical downloads. In short, a similar experience to that provided in would be awesome
2. Problem
3. Contribution
4. Benefits
Official Information 
What problem are you trying to solve? What are the challenges, 
How will this project help us achieve 
Which customer group will benefit from this 
triggers, root causes? What evidence do you have to support this 
LINZ's strategic objectives? Which goal 
project and what difference it make for them? 
issue or demand?
does it relate to and how?
What is the likely scope and scale of the user 
benefit and business benefit:
One of the most common pain-points for customers who are trying to 
This project directly contributes to LINZ's 
'take data' are perceived 'download issues' where the download bar is 
outcome of "high-value geographic and 
expected user gains
not progressing. The assumption customers make with the download 
property information", by enabling LDS 
$ business benefits
bar is that it is a literal, real-time representation of the progress of 
customers to more easily find and access the 
technical benefits
their 'download'.
key datasets they need
This development would provide customers 
If the bar does not progress, customers often assume it has failed and 
with more meaningful information about the 
will create the download again - further adding to the processing 
action underway and thus more realistic 
expectations regarding the availability of their 
download and a next step.
Ideally, this step would provide more meaningful feedback (ie. your 
download is processing/in a queue) and a next step, to avoid these 
This will also reduce unnecessary use of 
multiple identical requests, that add further unnnecessary load.
processing resources, and may also encourage 
return custom following a more favorable 
duser process.
In term, this will reduce customer complaints 
to the LDS team.

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