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Data discoverability
1. Project
What is your idea? What outcomes are you trying to achieve? What will the impact be on customers?
Ideas can include new data sets, functionality enhancements, customer research, business process development etc.
Improve data discoverability within LDS so that customers are more quickly and easily able to find the data they need - search results are more relevant and meaningful.
This project could include enhancements to the search algorithm itself and ranking of results, as well as to the display/ordering of search results, the ability to search by 
location, and the usability/visibility of the search results sorter.
To enable a successful outcome, LINZ may also need to undertake a parallel piece of work to make changes to the terms used to tag and describe its datasets, and to 
dataset lifecycle management.
2. Problem
3. Contribution
4. Benefits
What problem are you trying to solve? What are the challenges, triggers, 
How will this project help us 
Which customer group will benefit from this project and 
root causes? What evidence do you have to support this issue or demand?
achieve LINZ's strategic 
what difference it make for them? What is the likely 
objectives/outcomes? Which 
scope and scale of the user benefit and business benefit:
LDS customers have told us that 'finding data' is the biggest pain-point in 
goal does it relate to and 
using the service (33%). Many of the 'find data' issues relate to 
expected user gains
discoverability and usability, and the frustration customers experience with 
$ business benefits
searching for data, in particular the relevance and ranking of search results:
This project directly 
technical benefits
contributes to LINZ's 
"The search tool does not return meaningful results"
outcome of "high-value 
This development will again have benefit for all LDS 
geographic and property 
customers, especially those who prefer to use search 
The type of comments received include feedback related to:
information", by enabling 
rather than browse for data. In particular this includes 
customers who are not very familiar with LINZ data or 
search terms
LDS customers to more 
easily find and access the 
non-GIS natives. These customers are less likely to have 
Official Information 
"You can't find data is you're not sure what to search for"
key datasets they need 
the experience or know-how to work around these 
barriers to data discoverability.
"I can't search by location"
results ordering
Another specific problem we are interested in resolving is that related to 
search results and the default ranking of these results by popularity. In 
some cases, particularly those related to aerial imagery, customers are 
seeking the latest data but are being shown the oldest. Because of this, 
older imagery is continuing to be downloaded more often than new 
imagery for the same area. How do we allow customers to more easily find 
the latest data if this is what they desire?
"I can't find the latest data easily" 
E.g. the results of the current search
 are displayed by the default popularity ranking - no 
other ranking options are available, making the most recent imagery 
difficult to find

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