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Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2022 19:12:42 +0000
Subject: Official Information request - Outsourcing Elective Surgeries
From: Emma Vitz <[FYI request #19607 email]>
To: OIA/LGOIMA requests at Ministry of Health <[Ministry of Health request email]>

Dear Ministry of Health,

I would like to request the following information for each of the DHBs in New Zealand, split by DHB.

1. The total number of procedures outsourced by year (including the year to date) for the past five years.

2. For each year, provide a breakdown of the type of procedure.

3. For each year, provide the total spend on outsourced elective surgeries.

4. For each year, provide the amount that these surgeries would have cost the DHBs if they had not been outsourced.

Yours faithfully,
Emma Vitz


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