This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Correspondence About Environment Court Proceedings'.

Ref: 22-052 
Moana Wyatt 
[email address] 
27 April 2022 
Brian Warburton 
Via email: [FYI request #19098 email] 
Dear Brian 
Official information request  
I refer to your official information request dated 10 April 2022. 
The information you have requested is enclosed. The questions you specified have been included as 
numbered headings in bold below, with our response following each heading. 
In October 2021 Greater Wellington Regional Council filed applications under s293 and s310 of 
the RMA with the Environment Court. These applications related to the provisions of the 
proposed Natural Resources Plan relating to the Coastal Marine Area. In the applications GWRC 
refers to consultation with Porirua City Council. The Environment Court has subsequently issued 
its decision under s.310 of the RMA. 

1.  In this regard please send me: a copy of all correspondence from GWRC to PCC, from 
PCC to GWRC, and internally at PCC about these applications, and the Environment 
Court's decision. 

This correspondence is attached. It consists of email correspondence between Senior Policy Advisor 
Paul Denton of the Greater Wellington Regional Council and Principal Policy Planner Torrey McDonnell 
of the Porirua City Council dated 1 March 2021 to 22 March 2021. 
You have the right to seek an investigation and review by the Ombudsman of this decision. Information 
about how to make a complaint is available at or freephone 0800 802 
We have redacted some information under section 7(2)(a) to protect the privacy of natural persons. 
If you wish to discuss this decision with us, please feel free to contact Moana Wyatt at 
[Porirua City Council request email].  
Ngā mihi 
Wendy Walker 
Chief Executive 
Kaiwhakahaere Matua