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26 January 2022 
Anthony Jordan  
[FYI request #17943 email]  
Tēnā koe Anthony 
Your Official Information Act request, reference: GOV-015965 
Thank you for your email of 13December 2021, asking for the following information under the Official 
Information Act 1982 (the Act): 
1.   Provide Information that elaborates on the previous Storage System 
2.   Provide Information that elaborates on the Storage System in which Information cannot be 
supplied with reference to Official Information Act request reference: GOV-015396 
Storage system  
Previously much of our information was held in various online shared file systems, and not in a 
centralised location.  
More recently ACC has sought to centralise our records, and have started to use SharePoint, Microsoft 
Teams, and Te Pātaka (our internal intranet). When files and folders held in the various online shared 
file systems were transferred and consolidated to the new centralised tools, some of the files relating to 
business functions were unfortunately not migrated and lost in the process. Access to those historical 
drives are now variable; and although further information may be available in unknown file locations, 
limited file search capabilities available on the old tools have not produced any results and therefore the 
previously requested information was unable to be sourced.  
A further issue, specific to the External Medical Panel, is that no clinical staff that were working in 
management in this area remain at ACC. As such, knowledge on potential sources that may contain the 
files requested has become more difficult. These former staff may have been capable of using more 
advanced and accurate retrieval techniques to assist us in sourcing the requested information more 
Who to contact  
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Nāku iti noa, nā 
Sasha Wood 
Manager Official Information Act Services 
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