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Hon Michael Wood 
Minister of Transport 
Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety 
17 January 2022 
Annie Weston 
[FYI request #17704 email] 
Dear Annie 
Thank you for your OIA request of 25 November 2021. Since you have not requested any 
information held by the Government, I am instead responding to your question as 
correspondence regarding my portfolio as Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety. Your 
message was concerning a perceived disregard of workers’ rights if they have chosen not to 
be vaccinated. 
The Medsafe report you referred to in your request clarifies that only one death could be 
attributed to vaccine induced myocarditis, with the others either unlikely to be attributable to 
the vaccination or with uncertain causes. While it is unfortunate that even one death is 
attributed to the vaccination, the benefits of the vaccination far outweigh the risks1. Both 
reports you included show that there is occasional y unfortunate medical events following 
vaccinations, but this does not mean there is a causal link between the vaccination and any 
adverse medical events which occur closely following the administration of the vaccine. 
People can stil  choose whether to be vaccinated. There is, however, some work that can 
only be carried out by people who have been vaccinated. This includes roles which involve 
interacting with vulnerable people or those who cannot be vaccinated (e.g. children). If 
workers in these roles choose not to be vaccinated, then that could have implications for 
continuing in their job. Employees who are unable to work due to their vaccination status are 
supported through a four-weeks’ paid notice period.  
Getting vaccinated is the most important thing we can do to help stop the spread of COVID-
19 and keep our whānau and workplaces safe. The vaccine saves lives and means people 
are far less likely to get sick and end up in hospital if they get COVID-19. Getting as many 
people vaccinated as soon as possible is the key to keeping our communities safe and re-
opening New Zealand. 
I hope you have found this information useful. 
Yours sincerely 

Hon Michael Wood 
Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety