This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Closing of 7 regional aerodroms'.

Friday, 3 December 2021 
By email: [FYI request #17698 email] 
Dear Ms Wallis 
Official information request – Closing of 7 regional aerodromes 
I refer to your official information request dated 24 November 2021 as set out below: 
1.  “Can you please provide me with all ‘Official Information’ includes documents and papers but 
also information in any format, including drafts, videos, recordings, and photos in regards to 
the risk assessments (clarified below) made before the announcement on 09 April 2020 - 
Airways reviews air traffic service levels at seven regional aerodromes.  

2.  I am interested in the risk assessments relating to the basis of this statement "Any changes 
would mean aircraft will still be able to fly safely to these locations. This includes freight, 
medical flights and future passenger services. The locations currently under review are those 
where air traffic had been low even before the outbreak, Airways CEO Graeme Sumner says." 

3.  I am also requesting information relating to the change in intent behind removing the services 
at these airfields as there is a discrepancy between the fore mentioned media release 
(summarised: as each airport completes its process Airways will withdraw the air traffic control 
services from its towers) to the position of the following media release for Rotorua 
(summarised: The goal has been to make sure that there is an evidence-based service in place 
at all involved airports)”. 

We would like to work with you in order to clarify your request to enable us to respond and in 
particular would like to understand the specific information you are requesting in relation to paragraph 
3 above. 
Please note that any clarification or subsequent amendment of a request is considered to be a new 
request for the purposes of calculating the maximum statutory timeframe for response – see section 
15(1AA) of the Official Information Act 1982. 
If you could contact me directly in regard to the above that would be much appreciated, my email 
address is [email address].  
Yours sincerely 
Marielle Christian 
Senior Legal Counsel 
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