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The Accident Compensation Corporation’s Expert Panel –Terms 
of Reference 
Purpose of Expert Panel 
1.  The objective of the Accident Compensation Corporation’s Expert 
Panel (“the Panel”) is to provide independent, impartial advice to the 
Accident Compensation Corporation (hereafter referred to as 
“ACC”) on clinical matters of diagnosis, causation, and clinical 
management and any other clinically relevant questions posed within 
its area of expertise. 
Panel membership 
2.  The Panel will consist of individual clinicians who have volunteered to 
be members of the Panel and who have been endorsed by their 
professional body as a suitable expert. 
3.   The Panel will consist of a minimum of three contributing clinicians. 
This number is exclusive of any clinician who may need to abstain from 
a contribution because of a conflict of interest. 
4.  The Panel proceedings will be facilitated by an ACC clinician staff 
member who will clarify the questions being posed by ACC. The ACC 
clinician staff member is not part of the Panel and will not contribute to 
the Panel opinion.  
5.  The Panel proceedings will be recorded by an administrator provided 
by ACC who will draft the Panel report. The administrator is not part of 
the Panel and will not contribute to the Panel opinion. 
Panel administration 

6.  Meetings of the Panel will be scheduled for either a half day (4 hours - 
either morning or afternoon) or for a full 8 hour day depending on the 
number of claims that are ready for discussion.  
7.  Panel members will be provided with the relevant clinical information 
prior to the Panel meeting. 
8.  A Draft Report will be generated for each case discussed by the Panel 
and referred (by email) to all Panel members for endorsement. Any 
recommendations or changes will be incorporated until a Final Report 
RELEASED is agreed, which will be authorised by all Panel members.   
9.  Panel members will provide consent for their electronic signature to be 
used to authorise the Final Report. 

Managing privacy  
10. Panel proceedings will be managed securely and in accordance with 
Privacy Act 1993 and the Health Information Privacy Code 1994. All 
information and records will be identified, communicated, stored and 
disposed of appropriately following ACC policy and standards that 
apply to information security, including ACC’s privacy policy. 
Conflict of interest 
11. Panel members will be obliged to identify and declare any potential 
conflicts of interest to the Panel before the matter is discussed by the 
12. The Panel will base its opinions on file information supplied by ACC, 
and any additional information provided by the claimant which is also 
made available to ACC. 
13. The Panel will consider the information and provide advice on matters 
of diagnosis, causation, and clinical management and any other 
clinically relevant questions as posed by ACC. 
Reaching consensus or majority view 

14. The Panel will seek to form a consensus view but may form a majority 
opinion at its discretion. Any opinion expressed will be qualified by 
whether or not the opinion was unanimous or by majority.  
15. In their capacity as Panel members, appointees will accept all 
decisions of the Panel as binding on the whole Panel and will commit 
to the consensus or majority view. 
16. Any opinion expressed by the Panel on matters of diagnosis, clinical 
management and causation will be qualified in terms of the confidence 
held by the Panel in that opinion. Thus, opinions will be expressed in 
terms of likelihood. If applicable, the Panel will advise what could be 
done (if anything) in order to better clarify any persisting uncertainties. 
17. Any opinion expressed by the Panel will be justified. 
18. The names of participating Panel members shall be listed when any 
opinion is given. 
19. On completion of each case, the Panel's advice will be conveyed in 
writing in a Report to the ACC staff member making the referral. This 
will be the responsibility of the Panel Coordinator.  

20. The Panel Report will be entered on the claimant’s ACC file.  
Standards of practice 

21. Panel members are expected to be aware of the standards of practice 
as outlined in the December 2010 statement produced by the Medical 
Council of New Zealand titled “Non-treating doctors performing medical 
assessments of patients for third parties”. The relevant sections of that 
document that the panel will adhere to are titled “Performing medical 
assessments”, “Reports for the third party”, “File assessments by non-
treating doctors”, and “Financial influences for the non-treating 
22. With the exception of the reporting function to ACC, all client specific 
information will remain confidential to the Panel and its members. 
I/We agree to be bound by the terms of reference as outlined above (please 
sign, print name, and date):