This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Statistics relating to returnees in managed isolation'.

6 October 2021 
File DOIA 2122-0726 
Matthew Shaw 
Email: [FYI request #16897 email] 
Dear Matthew 
Thank you for your email of 26 September to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (the 
Ministry) requesting the following under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act): 
I would like to know statistics regarding the rate of COVID-19 cases identified through MIQ. Can 
you please provide all the information below for the three month period from 1 Jun 21 to 31 Aug 
- What is the total number of returnees through MIQ over the period? 
- What is the total number of positive cases of COVID-19 identified through MIQ over the period? 
- Of the returnees who tested positive, what was their country of origin? If you do not have 
complete records I would accept partial records.  
- Of the returnees who tested positive, how many were deemed to be a historical case and 
therefore did not require transfer to a quarantine facility? 
- Of the returnees who tested positive, from which testing day was their positive result returned?   
- Of the total number of returnees, how many are fully vaccinated against COVID-19? I would 
like this information broken down by vaccine type. If you do not have complete records I would 
accept partial records.  
- Of the vaccinated returnees, how many have subsequently tested positive for COVID-19? I 
would like this information broken down by acute and historical. 

This letter is to notify you that the Ministry is transferring the request to the Ministry of Health (MOH), 
in accordance with section 14 of the Act. This transfer is occurring because the Ministry believes that 
the information requested is more closely aligned with the functions of MOH. 
You have the right under section 28(3) of the Act to seek an investigation and review by the 
Ombudsman of my decision to transfer your request. The relevant details can be found at: 
Yours sincerely 
Jacquiline Cooke 
Team Leader, Ministerial Services 
Managed Isolation and Quarantine