This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Cr Briggs emails to Councillors on 26 August 2021 referring to me'.

> Kia ora tatou,
> It is disappointing to see the story on Stuff today. Jo, you and all of CLT have my support in the
work you are doing.
> Given Leigh has commented on the Stuff story it's pretty clear that at least one elected member is
involved with this story.
> I’m surprised by Shazly's and Chris’s emails and I’ve had enough.
> Let's be clear Chris and let the other Councillors know what took place at the Chief Executive's
Employment Subcommittee meeting on the 16th of August. You came into the meeting, requested
the confidential meeting papers and copied down the survey results on a note pad verbatim. I called
you out for what you were doing and you denied it. I then made it very clear I knew what you were
doing, including which page you were copying from. You then apprehensively acknowledged that my
assertion was correct and then left the meeting. Both Mark and Max then magically tweaked their
messaging about the staff survey results. A coincidence? I for one am sick of your lies and
manipulation. You aren't fooling anyone but yourself.
> Max is caught up in all of this. Posting regularly on his “truth exposed” page. Shazly, did you
know he is bragging about getting you to ask questions for him through elected member requests? Is
this true?
> It's well past time to get on with the jobs we were all elected to do.
> Nga mihi,
> Josh