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23 July 2021 
 Francis Phan 
[FYI request #16015 email]  
 Tēnā koe Francis, 
Thank you for your email of 9 July 2021 to the Ministry of Education, requesting the following 
1.  The percentage of students in high school that vape. 
If it is feasible, I am requesting this piece of statistics banded into schools of different 
deciles (i.e. the percentage of students that vape in Decile 10 schools, Decile 9 schools 
2.  The percentage of high school students who vape that are banded into different 
ethnicities  (i.e.  the  percentage  of  Māori  high  school  students  who  vape,  and  the 
percentage of Pakeha, Asian and Pasifika high school students who vape etc.)  
If it is not possible to provide such data, I am instead requesting this information 
categorised into two groups of Māori and non-Māori students. 
3.  Ministry of Education's existing strategies into tackling vaping among high school 
students, if any. This includes official recommendation for the Government, if any, as 
well as resources and advice for schools/kura, students, parents, and caregivers. 
Your request has been considered under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act).  
You may be aware that New Zealand's schools are self-governing. As such, each school board 
is responsible for their day-to-day operations, including setting health and safety policies and 
procedures that ensure a safe, physical, and emotional environment for their students.  
The Ministry does not collect data on the number of students who vape, and therefore, we do 
not have information on the percentage of students who do so. As such, I am refusing this part 
of your request under section 18(e) of the Act, as the requested information does not exist.  
Educating our young people about the benefits of a smoke-free and vape-free lifestyle is 
essential. The health and physical education learning area of The New Zealand Curriculum 
contributes to the wellbeing of students beyond the classroom, particularly when it is supported 
by a whole of school approach and the school community.  
The health and physical education curriculum learning area includes: 
•  drug education, directly as part of the mental health and body care and physical safety 
areas of learning 
•  dimensions of wellbeing: Taha tinana (physical wellbeing), taka hinengaro (mental and 
emotional wellbeing), taha whānau (social wellbeing), and taha wairua (spiritual 
wellbeing). Each of these is highly relevant to drug education, including the importance 
of being smoke-free 
OIA: 1265699  
National Office, Mātauranga House, 33 Bowen Street, Wellington 6011 
PO Box 1666, Wellington 6140. Phone: +64 4 463 8000 Fax: +64 4 463 8001 

•  achievement objectives within four strands, three of which are especially relevant to 
drug education, including the importance of being smoke-free 
•  advice to schools and kura that clearly states the health curriculum makes a significant 
contribution to the wellbeing of students beyond the classroom, and that it must be 
supported by school policies and procedures and by the actions of all people in the 
school communities. 
Classroom education is also supported by agencies such as  the Ministry of Health, the Health 
Promotion Agency and Smokefree NZ who each have a wide range of resources available to 
help raise the awareness and understanding of young people and their communities about the 
risks of vaping. 
You may be interested to know, the ‘Don’t Get Sucked In’ website includes information and 
resources on vaping to encourage teens not to try vaping (or smoking). 
As of 11 November 2020, all schools, kura, early learning services and kōhanga reo are smoke 
and vape free both indoors and out, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From 11 May 2021, 
under the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Act 2020, 
all  schools,  kōhanga reo, ECEs and kura must, in addition to the existing requirement to 
display ‘no smoking’ notices, be required to display 'no vaping' notices. Schools, kōhanga reo, 
ECEs and kura should have been sent (free of charge) no vaping/smoke-free stickers from 
Health Promotion Agency Smokefree between 30 April and 3 May 2021 to meet this legislative 
We have also updated our Education website promoting healthy lifestyles page that includes 
a section on smoke-free school and early learning centres.  
Please note, the Ministry now proactively publishes OIA responses on our website. As such, 
we may publish this response on our website after five working days. Your name and contact 
details wil  be removed. 
Thank you again for your email. You have the right to ask an Ombudsman to review this 
decision. You can do this by writing to [email address]  or Office of the 
Ombudsman, PO Box 10152, Wellington 6143. 
Nāku noa, nā 
Jann Marshall 
Tumu Te Hāpai ō Rāngai 
Acting Deputy Secretary 
Sector Enablement and Support 

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