This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'MOU between NZ Police and New Zealand Medical Council'.

9 July 2021 
Reference: IR-01-21-18608 
Deborah Waxman 
[FYI request #15768 email] 
Dear Deborah 
I am writing in response to the request you submitted (date). Your request has been 
considered pursuant to the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act). Specifically, you 
Details of all MOUs (and relevant information) currently existing between NZ 

Police and the New Zealand Medical Council (NZMC). In particular, to include, 
but not be limited to, the fol owing MOU cited on page 18 of the report accessed 
at the fol owing link:
There is only one MOU that exists between New Zealand Police and the Medical Council 
of New Zealand. Attached is the current version of the MOU, signed in 2017. Where 
appropriate, some information has been withheld pursuant to section 9(2)(a). 
I trust you are satisfied with my response to your request. If not, you have a right under 
section 28(3) of the Act to ask the Ombudsman to seek an investigation and review of my 
Yours sincerely 
Inspector Jason Ross 
Acting Director: Capability, Frontline Capability 
Police National Headquarters 
180 Molesworth Street. PO Box 3017, Wellington 6140, New Zealand.  
Telephone: 04 474 9499. Fax: 04 498 7400.