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09 July 2021  
Caleb Lane/C. Moka 
[FYI request #15761 email]  
Tēnā koe Caleb Lane/Moka 
Thank you for your email of 11 June 2021, requesting information about Northland 
Region Corrections Facility (NRCF). Your request has been considered under the 
Official Information Act 1982 (OIA). 
You requested:  
“Are there future plans to make Ngawha Prison a segregated only prison? Not 
including remand units.” 
“If no, will there remain any mainstream units?” 
“If so, as remaining mainstream, how many, and what are these units called?” 
“Has there ever been any type of plan to make this prison a segregated only 
prison? Not including remand units.” 
“If there hasn’t been any plan to making this prison segregated only, why 
hasn’t there been plan?” 

NRCF currently has nine units that can house up to 652 men. This includes three 
mainstream and one segregation unit for sentenced individuals, three remand units 
that can be used for both mainstream and segregated individuals, one Intervention 
and Support Unit and one management unit. There are no past or future plans to 
make NRCF a segregated only prison.Corrections has to consider each prison as 
part of the wider prison network to ensure that we have appropriate accommodation 
available for people of all different ranges of security classifications, risks, and 
Please note that this response may be published on Corrections’ website. Typically, 
responses are published quarterly, or as otherwise determined. Your personal 
information including name and contact details will be removed for publication. 

I trust the information provided is of assistance. Should you have any concerns with 
this response, I would encourage you to raise them with Corrections. Alternatively, 
you are advised of your right to also raise any concerns with the Office of the 
Ombudsman. Contact details are: Office of the Ombudsman, PO Box 10152, 
Wellington 6143. 
Ngā mihi  
Rachel Leota 
National Commissioner