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7 July 2021 
 Terry Thomas 
[FYI request #15742 email] 
 Tēnā koe Terry  
Thank you for your email of 11 June 2021 to the Ministry of Education requesting the following 

Please provide all proposals and budgets for 2021 matariki celebrations the ministry is 
proposing to directly fund, whether the event is confirmed or not. Also the location/s of such 
event/s and who wil  be invited (categories rather than individuals). 
Your request has been considered under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act).  
To ensure all Ministry staff are aware of this significant time of year, we are releasing an internal 
news article on our Ministry intranet that explains Matariki and its importance. This interactive 
publication wil  include links to Matariki resources, videos from experts and information on how 
Ministry staff can celebrate Matariki with their friends and whānau. We wil  also be reaching out 
to our people leaders and encouraging them to get their staff involved with this resource. 
In addition to this, we wil  be utilising our in-house design team to promote Matariki in our internal 
spaces with the use of online images, posters in public spaces and displays on available screens 
such as the ones welcoming staff and visitors into National Office.  These  messages and 
resources are provided by our in-house design team, there are no external costs involved.  
After consultation with multiple business units within the Ministry, we were not able to locate any 
information in scope of your request. This means that the Ministry has not put forward any 
proposals to allocate funding for 2021 Matariki celebrations and we have no current plans to do 
so, therefore your request for this information is refused under section 18(e) as the information 
does not exist. 
Please note, the Ministry now proactively publishes OIA responses on our website. As such, we 
may publish this response on our website after five working days. Your name and contact details 
wil  be removed. 
Thank you again for your email. You have the right to ask an Ombudsman to review this decision. 
You can do this by writing to [email address] or Office of the Ombudsman, PO 
Box 10152, Wellington 6143. 
Nāku noa, nā 
Emily Fabling 
Deputy Secretary 
Strategy, Planning and Governance 
OIA: [1262702]  
National Office, Mātauranga House, 33 Bowen Street, Wellington 6011 
PO Box 1666, Wellington 6140. Phone: +64 4 463 8000 Fax: +64 4 463 8001 

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