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19 May 2021
John Luke 
By email:  [FYI request #15401 email] 
Dear John Luke 
Response to your request for official information 
Thank you for your request under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act) on 9 May 2021 for: 
“A list of vacancy (ministerial appointment only, e.g. board member, Lay member, Trustee 
etc) that the nomination period has been closed but stil  under consideration by the MoH 
or relevant Minister.  
In your list, can you please include the date that vacancy been advertised and when the 
vacancy been closed as well. 
Also, Any current live vacancy? I don’t see any from your website page, but just want to 
be sure.  
Also, I would like to know if you have any future opening in 2021. e.g. the position that wil  
cal  for nomination in the year of 2021.” 
The Ministry of Health (the Ministry) advertised for 124 current and upcoming 2021 board, 
committee and Tribunal vacancies in one advertisement. This was posted on 10 March 2021 
to the Ministry's careers website: and 
Appendix one shows the 2021 vacancies that are now closed but stil  under consideration by 
the Ministry. 
The advertisement closed at midnight on 9 April 2021; however, applications continued to be 
accepted by email until 5.00 pm on 6 May 2021. The Ministry has now moved to the next stage 
of the appointment process with applicant details currently being reviewed for shortlisting. 
There may be additional advertisements for some of these 124 current and upcoming vacancies 
throughout 2021, if no suitable applicants are identified for certain roles. 
Current vacancies can be found on the Ministry’s careers website (please refer to link above). 
The Ministry wil  be seeking expressions of interest for 2022 vacancies towards the end of this 
year. This date has not yet been confirmed; however, information and updates wil  continue to 
be posted to the Ministry’s website:

Appendix One
2021 Vacancies 
• Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ACART)
- Layperson member with expertise in law (1 vacancy)
- Non-layperson with expertise in human reproductive research (1 vacancy)
- Non-layperson with expertise in assisted reproductive procedures (1 vacancy)
- Layperson members with expertise in consumer/disability perspectives (1
- Layperson member with expertise in articulating interests of children (1 vacancy)
• Central Health and Disability Ethics Committee
- Lawyer member (1 vacancy)
- Layperson member with expertise in ethical and moral reasoning (1 vacancy)
• Dental Council
- Health practitioner (4 vacancies)
- Layperson (1 vacancy)
• Dietitians Board
- Health practitioner (4 vacancies)
Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ECART)
- Non-layperson with expertise in assisted reproductive procedures (1 vacancy)
- Layperson member with expertise in law (1 vacancy)
- Layperson member with expertise in ethical and moral reasoning (1 vacancy)
- Layperson member with expertise in consumer/disability perspectives (1 vacancy)
• Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (HPDT)
- Psychotherapists (6 vacancies)
- Chiropractors (1 vacancy)
- Pharmacists (7 vacancies)
- Dental Therapists (2 vacancies)
- Dental Technicians (2 vacancies)
- Psychiatrists (1 vacancy)
- Oral Health Therapists (2 vacancies)
- Medical Radiation Technologists (2 vacancies)
- Optometrists (1 vacancy)
under the Official Information Act 1982
- Podiatrists (1 vacancy)
- Medical Practitioners (1 vacancy)
- Occupational Therapists (1 vacancy)
- Dentists (2 vacancies)
- Dietitians (2 vacancies)
- Dental Hygienists (2 vacancies)
- Opticians (1 vacancy)
- Dispensing Opticians (1 vacancy)
- Laypeople (3 vacancies)
- Psychologists (1 vacancy)
- Paramedics (6 vacancies)
- Medical Laboratory Scientists (1 vacancy)

• Health Quality and Safety Commission (HQSC) – 2 member vacancies
• Medical Council
- Layperson (3 vacancies)
• Medical Sciences Council
- Health practitioner (1 vacancy)
- Layperson (1 vacancy)
• Mental Health Review Tribunal
- Lawyer (6 vacancies)
- Psychiatrist (6 vacancies)
- Layperson (6 vacancies)
• Midwifery Council
- Health practitioner (2 vacancies)
- Layperson (1 vacancy)
• National Ethics Advisory Committee (NEAC)
- Non-layperson members with expertise in health and disability services provision
(1 vacancy)
- Layperson members with expertise in consumer/disability perspectives (1
- Layperson member with expertise in law (1 vacancy)
- Layperson member with expertise in ethics (1 vacancy)
• New Zealand Blood and Organ Service (NZBOS) – 1-member vacancy
• Northern B Health and Disability Ethics Committee
- Layperson member with expertise in ethical and moral reasoning (1 vacancy)
- Non-layperson members in the design and conduct of intervention/observational
studies (1 vacancy)
- Layperson member with expertise in law (1 vacancy)
• Nursing Council
- Health practitioner (2 vacancies)
- Layperson (1 vacancy)
• Occupational Therapy Board
- Health practitioner (1 vacancy)
• Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians Board
under the Official Information Act 1982
- Health practitioner (2 vacancies)
- Layperson (2 vacancies)
• Osteopathic Council
- Health practitioner (4 vacancies)
- Layperson (1 vacancy)
• Pharmaceutical Management Agency (PHARMAC) – 3 member vacancies
• Pharmacy Council
- Health practitioner (2 vacancies)
- Layperson (1 vacancy)
• Physiotherapy Board
- Health practitioner (2 vacancies)
• Podiatrists Board

- Health practitioner (1 vacancy)
• Psychologists Board
- Health practitioner (3 vacancies)
• Psychotherapists Board
- Health practitioner (2 vacancies)
- Layperson (1 vacancy)
• Radiation Safety Advisory Council
- Non-layperson with expertise in radiation and nuclear safety (1 vacancy)
• Southern Health and Disability Ethics Committee
- Non-layperson members in the design and conduct of intervention/observational
studies (1 vacancy)
- Non-layperson member with expertise in health and disability services provision
(1 vacancy)
Total: 124 vacancies 
under the Official Information Act 1982

Definitions of positions 
• Health practitioner
A person who is, or is deemed to be, registered with an authority as a practitioner of a
particular health profession.
• Layperson
Someone who is not trained, qualified, or experienced as a health practitioner.
• Community member (for the Mental Health Review Tribunal only)
Someone who voices consumer perspectives and takes part in decision making on behalf
of the community. Can be patients or service users who have something to say about
mental health. This could be due to lived experience, as an individual with a health
chal enge and/or disability, or through caring for people living that way.
under the Official Information Act 1982