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Barry Garrick 
[FYI request #14985 email] 
23 April 2021 
Dear Barry 
Re: Gen Less campaign 
Thank you for your email of 23 March 2021 in which you request information about the 
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)’s Gen Less campaign.   
Gen Less is a platform that encourages people to use less energy at home, at work, or on 
the road. It is particularly targeted at individuals, families, and small businesses, and it 
sits alongside EECA’s wider work with the country’s top energy users. 
The Gen Less campaign was developed to inform New Zealanders of actions to take to 
conserve energy or reduce emissions.   
Your specific questions, and our responses, are provided below.   
Question 1: On Gen Less’ ‘say no to short car trips' campaign - How much has the 
campaign cost so far?  

As at 31 March 2021, the cost of the campaign to date is $401,910.77. 
Question 2: How many bags with the campaign branding have been made so far?  
10,000 of the branded backpack bags have been made. 
Question 3: Was an ad agency appointed to help design the campaign? If so, which 
one? What was their budget? And can I please have any documents they provided to 
Gen Less/EECA on the scope/design/brand of the campaign? If an ad agency wasn’t 
appointed, then I’d still like any internal comms guides that fit that description. 

The ‘Say no to short car trips’ campaign was designed in conjunction with Clemenger 
BBDO in Wellington. Clemenger BBDO has been EECA's retained creative agency since 
Clemenger BBDO's budget was $44,450 for the strategy and concept development, and 
$203,829.85 for management, creative development, content production and advertising 
Wellington Level 8 ∙ 44 The Terrace ∙ PO Box 388 ∙ Wellington 6140 ∙ New Zealand ∙ P +64 4 470 2200 
Auckland Level 7 ∙ AIG Building ∙ 41 Shortland Street ∙ Auckland 1141 ∙ New Zealand 
Christchurch Level 1 ∙ BNZ Centre ∙ 120 Hereford Street ∙ Christchurch 8011 ∙ New Zealand ∙ 0800 358 676 

Attached as Appendix One is an EECA brief to the agency dated 22 September 2020 on the 
scope of the campaign. Some financial information has been withheld under section 
9(2)(b)(ii) of the Official Information Act, on the grounds of commercial sensitivity. 
Question 4: Was any market research done to inform the campaign? If so, which 
company carried it out and for how much? May I please have the results of that 
research too?  

No specific research was undertaken for this campaign. However, it was informed by 
EECA’s Consumer Monitor research and the Ministry of Transport Household Travel 
The Research Agency (TRA) produces EECA’s Consumer Monitor as part of EECA's All of 
Government agreement.  EECA is not able to itemise the cost of this specific campaign 
from the quarterly fee, and so your request for this is refused under section 18(e) of the 
Official Information Act. 
Attached as Appendix Two is the relevant research that informed this campaign. A copy of 
the Household Travel Survey is available on the Ministry of Transport’s website:

You have the right, by way of complaint to the Ombudsman, to seek an investigation and 
review of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority’s response to your 
information request.  You can do this by email to [email address] or by 
writing to the Office of the Ombudsman, PO Box 10152, Wellington 6143. 
Yours sincerely 
Andrew Caseley 
Chief Executive