This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Gender ratio of PSO in the last 10 years'.

9 April 2021 
G Sharma (FYI) 
[FYI request #14649 email] 
REF: IR-01-21-4166 
Dear G Sharma, 
Thank you for your email regarding the absence of demographic information in 
our Police Safety Order (PSO) statistics. 
In response, it is important to understand that New Zealand Police were using a 
different reporting tool following the introduction of Police Safety Orders (PSOs) 
in July 2010. During 2011 an evaluation was commissioned to assess the impact 
PSOs were having. While this report did include demographic information, a 
significant amount of manual collation was required to link and integrate data 
existing in disparate tables to produce these statistics.  
Since 2014, New Zealand Police have relied upon a dif erent reporting tool to 
produce its official statistics with the older data sources used for official reporting 
last updated in December 2014. The shift in reporting tools has required newer 
datasets to be built; however, at present our PSO datasets only contain 
information on the number issued, the number breached, and the Police 
boundary in which these events occurred.  
While New Zealand Police are continually developing newer datasets, 
demographic information, as it relates to PSOs, remains unavailable via a 
singular source, and requires significant collation to produce such statistics. 
Plans are underway to build a fuller PSO dataset that contains this information, 
though given the high level of quality and assurance required in development 
work, we cannot provide a firm timeline on when this wil  be implemented. 
I trust this clarifies your question. 
Yours sincerely,