This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'What due diligence has been taken to ensure Pfizer not fraudulent.'.

File No. DOIA 2021-1518 
Nigel Gray 
[FYI request #14538 email]  
Dear Nigel, 
I refer to your email, transferred to MBIE on 15 February 2021, requesting the following under 
the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act): 
1.  What due diligence was taken to investigate Pfizer's ethics as a company?  
2.  Given that Pfizer has successfully been indicted and fined for fraud in the past, what 

changes to the management of the company were made that reassured you that Pfizer 
was no longer fraudulent?  

3.  Were you concerned that Pfizer were so wealthy that any damages caused by their 
product could simply be seen by the company as a "cost" against their eventual profit 
and so written off as just "part of the overall cost" for the company? If you were not 
concerned about this, please explain why not?  

4.  Please give me a list of the names and positions of those government Ministers and 
staff who were part of this approval process that enabled Pfizer to gain the contract for 
providing NZ with Coronavirus or COVID-19 vaccines.  

5.  Can you please state the reasons as to why NZ Government indemnified Pfizer against 
6.  What method will NZ government use to deal with harm caused by Pfizer Coronavirus 
or COVID-19 vaccines to New Zealanders ie. death, permanent disabilities or temporary 

7.  Will ACC be used to pay for damages relating to the above named vaccines? 
I am writing to notify you that I am extending the timeframe for responding to your request 
under section 15A(1)(b) of the Act, as consultations necessary to make a decision on the 
request are such that a proper response cannot reasonably be made within the original time 
We will now respond to your request on or before Monday 22 March, which is an extension of 
5 working days. 
You have the right to seek investigation and review of my decision by the Ombudsman, in 
accordance with section 28(3) of the Act. The relevant details can be found at: 
Yours sincerely 
Lisa Seng 
Ministerial Coordinator 
Science, Innovation and International