This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Review of the rating system'.

Tuesday 16th February 2021 
Marty Sebire 
via email: [FYI request #14521 email] 
Tēnā koe Marty, 
Thank you for your request received on 26th January 2021, for the following information: 
Pease provide any information and advice, including agendas, notes, and minutes of meetings 
(including those not open to the public), documents, reports, memoranda, letters, emails, 
presentations, and videos, and any drafts, provided to or from Council, Mayor or councillors since 1 
June 2020 on any of the following rates topics: 
- rates 
- the rating system 
- rates review 
- rates modelling 
- options for rates or rating 
- the Revenue and Financing Policy.  
According to the 9 December 2020 Council meeting agenda, elected members attended a series of 
workshops to review the Revenue and Financing Policy and related policies, and made a number of 
decisions during that review process. Please provide any information related to this process that is 
additional to the information requested above. 
Please find below information relevant to your request, which we have released under the Local 
Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.  
Attached are the Elected member workshop slides and notes related to the review of rates policies 
for the following dates: 
•  22 July 2020 
•  20 August 2020 
•  02 September 2020 
•  16 September 2020 
•  23 September 2020 
Also attached is the assessment of each Council activity arising from the various workshop sessions. 
28 Holloway Street, Carterton, Wairarapa | PO Box 9, Carterton 5743  
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Finally the report to Council and the Draft Revenue and Financing, and related policies that were 
adopted can be found here: 
You have the right to seek a review of our response/these decisions by way of complaint to the 
Ombudsman, under section 27(3) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 
Nga mihi │Kind regards 
Jane Davis 
Chief Executive 
Carterton District Council 
28 Holloway Street, Carterton, Wairarapa | PO Box 9, Carterton 5743  
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