This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Number and funding level of students and other entities from the Peoples Republic Of China'.

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KH Ross 
[FYI request #14203 email] 
26 January 2021 
Dear KH Ross 
Regarding your OIA request asking for the following information:  
-The number of enrolled undergraduate students (part- and full-time) from the Peoples 
Republic of China from 2010-2020. 
-The total fees paid by undergraduate students from the Peoples Republic of China from 
-The number of enrolled postgraduate students (part- and full-time) from the Peoples 
Republic of China from 2010-2020. 
-The total fees paid by postgraduate students from the Peoples Republic of China from 2010-
-The total amount of research funding received from institutions/entities who are 
headquartered or based in the Peoples Republic of China from 2010-2020. 
The table attached provides information on the first four points.  
Our research system, which records centralised information on research contracts dating 
back to2014, indicates $30,000 in research funding received from institutions/entitites who 
are headquartered or based in the Peoples Republic of China.  
Yours sincerely 
Alison Sykora 
Head of Communications, AUT