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28 September 2021 
Kia ora Mr Vaughan 
Thank you for your email dated 14 September 2021, please see our responses below.  
Question 1:  Has the Ministry of Health used measures other than surveys to 
establish the prevalence of young non-smokers taking up vaping? If so, what 
other measures have been taken and what were the findings?  If not, would the 
Ministry of Health consider applying other measures techniques to gather this 

The Ministry of Health uses the New Zealand Health Survey and ASH Year 10 snapshot 
data to measure young non-smokers’ prevalence of vaping.  We continue to review all 
available evidence. 
Question 2: Has the Ministry of Health made any contact with School Principals to 
obtain their views on this issue. School Principals and teachers tend to have a 
pretty good handle on what's going on at ground level in their schools and their 
information may be a useful addition to the self-disclosure information collected 
in student surveys (which may well feature 'under-reporting')
The Ministry has met with the Post Primary Teachers’ Association and school principals 
as well as the Ministry of Education to better understand their perspective as part of 
work to develop a youth vaping campaign. You can find information about this here. 
Question 3: Is the Ministry of Health aware of recent research linking vaping with 
lung cancer and bladder cancer and how will this research be acted upon by the 
Ministry of Health?
We are not aware of any recent research linking vaping with lung cancer and bladder 
cancer. However, if you have any information please feel free to contact us.  
Yours sincerely 
The Tobacco Control Team  
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Ministry of Health