This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'You have UC INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE LIMITED- OIA request'.

18 June 2020
John Luke
By email: [FYI request #12794 email]
Dear John
I refer to your official information request dated 7 May for information regarding UC International College 
Limited. You requested:
1. The recruitment process for it's board of directors
2. What is their salary looks like and 
3. If they have been offer any extra benefit (e.g. reimbursed travel and expense) 
4. How long are their term of appoint for and
5. What is their job description looks like. 
6. When they were first appointed to the Board, 
7. What their induction package looks like.  

The UC International College (UCIC) is a separate organisation from the University of Canterbury, established via 
an agreement with its parent company Navitas. Via the agreement, UCIC is permitted to use University of 
Canterbury property, and is permitted some use of UC branding. However, UCIC staff and students remain 
entirely separate from the University of Canterbury. The University does not have oversight of UCIC staff 
recruitment, remuneration or job descriptions. As such, the information in your request is refused under s18(g), 
the information is not held. As Navitas is a private company, your request has not been transferred, however you 
are free to contact them. Some information may be held on their website.
You have the right to seek an investigation and review by the Ombudsman of this decision. Information about 
how to make a complaint is available at or freephone 0800 802 602. 
Yours sincerely
Rachael McGregor
Information Advisor