This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Policy on requests from third party providers of pathology specimens for second opinion'.

22 June 2020 
Ms Van Wey Lovatt 
Email - [FYI request #12509 email] 
Dear Ms Van Wey Lovatt 
Official Information Act (OIA) Request OIA Y20-1105 
regarding responses to request IA Y20-567 on requests from 
third party providers of pathology specimens for second 
Your Official Information Act request on 29 May 2020 is acknowledged 
and was passed on to me for a response. 
You have made the following four requests: 
Request 1:  
You have requested clarification on how the DHB can be assured that the 
clinical staff follow the best practice of their relevant professional 
colleges, if your DHB has not adopted a specific policy. 
MidCentral DHB clinicians are subject to professional supervision, 
performance management and the continuing professional development 
requirements of their professional colleges and registration boards. 
Request 2:  
You have requested whether the DHB staff follow the RCPA policy 
regarding such requests? 
MidCentral DHB clinicians follow the RCPA policy regarding second 
opinions requested by a third party. 
Request 3: 
You have requested a description of the DHB's standard practice 
regarding requests by third party providers for second opinions of 
pathology specimens. 
MidCentral DHB clinicians request second pathology opinions through 
MedLab Central, the DHB’s contracted Pathology and Laboratory 
Services provider. Medlab Central pathologists seek second opinions in 
accordance with the RCPA policy. All of the pathologists are Fellows of 
the Royal Australasian College of Pathologists and they conduct 
their practice in full accordance with the policies of that College. Their 
Strategy, Planning & Performance 
MidCentral District Health Board, PO Box 2056, Palmerston North.  Phone:  06 350 8928 

procedures are annually scrutinized by the accrediting agency, IANZ, for 
Request 4: 
You have requested that in the event that the DHB's standard practice is 
inconsistent with the RCPA policy you request an explanation for why 
the DHB deviates from the professional standard set out by the RCPA 
As outlined above MidCentral’s standard practice is consistent with the 
RCPA policy. 
You have the right to seek an investigation and review of our decision by 
the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman’s Office can be contacted on 0800 
802 602 or on-line at 
Please note that this response, or an edited version of this response, may 
be published on the MidCentral DHB website ten working days after 
your receipt of this response. 
Yours sincerely 
Craig Johnston 
General Manager Strategy, Planning and Performance