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From: Craig Hobbs <[email address]>  
Sent: Thursday, 13 February 2020 6:15 PM 
To: GRP AC Enterprise Leadership Group <[email address]>; GRP AC 
COO ‐ Regulatory Services ‐ People Leaders <[email address]> 
Subject: Career opportunities within Regulatory Services 
Kia ora Regulatory Services and ELG Whanau, 
I am aware that notification of two exciting career opportunities within Regulatory Services have not been 
advertised as widely as I anticipated and therefore potential candidates may not be aware of them.  Both are 
currently live on the careers page.  
We are looking for a commercially astute leader to join our Leadership Team as the new General Manager 
Operations & Optimisation
. Reporting directly to Director Regulatory Service, this role will define and implement a 
business and service delivery model. The model will drive the business optimisation, improvement and 
transformation across the Regulatory Services departments and the regulatory value chain. If this is an opportunity 
that interests you or if you wish to apply, please visit our Tupu site for further information (Requisition ID 7439) 
Applications closes 20th February 2020 
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Apply now and join the Regulatory Services whanau and be part of our exciting journey as we make ourselves 
future‐fit to support Regulatory Excellence through business optimisation with a strong customer focus. 
Nga mihi 
Craig Hobbs | Director Regulatory Services 
Mobile 0274 548 845  
Auckland Council, Level 15, 135 Albert Street, Auckland 
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EA: Patricia Pascual 

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Craig Hobbs
Tuesday, 10 September 2019 8:05 am
Stephen Tyson; Priscilla Balakrishnan
Draft PD for your feedback
GM Business Operations v1.docx
Nga mihi 
Craig Hobbs | Director Regulatory Services 
Mobile 0274 548 845 |  
Auckland Council, Level 15, 135 Albert Street, Auckland 
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EA: Patricia Pascual 
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Craig Hobbs
Tuesday, 3 September 2019 1:39 pm
Stephen Tyson
GM Business Operations v1.docx
Nga mihi 
Craig Hobbs | Director Regulatory Services 
Mobile 0274 548 845 |  
Auckland Council, Level 15, 135 Albert Street, Auckland 
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EA: Patricia Pascual 
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Position description 
Position title: 
General Manager 
Lead Team 
Business Operations 
Regulatory Services 
Reports to: 
Director Regulatory 
Direct reports: 
Indirect reports: 
We honour te Tiriti o Waitangi, accord value to te ao Māori (the Māori world), 
support kaitiakitanga and are responsive to the needs of the Māori community. 
You help lead and deliver a Māori Responsiveness Plan for the department. 
You support and promote the development of staff confidence and capability 
Our commitment   across te reo Māori, tikanga, te ao Māori and te Tiriti o Waitangi so everyone 
to te ao Māori 
can contribute to our department’s Māori Responsiveness Plan/treaty 
responsiveness journey.  
To provide strategic advice to Director in the context of service delivery 
optimisation, improvement and transformation 
To establish and deliver the Business Optimisation Programme and a future 
state Service Delivery Model for Regulatory Services in alignment to the 
Purpose of the job   Directors priority delivery plan 
Managing change and integration into BAU concurrently 

Redefine our business from the customers perspective. 
Deliver positive consenting service results, solutions, benefits, outcomes for 
Regulatory Services customers. 
Deliver the highest value in return for every action we take. Seek the greatest 
return at the lowest cost, effort, human resource, and at the lowest possible risk 
while providing the greatest control and predictability. 
Build a contented high performing team. 
Success proven, profit certain. 
Analysis business Operations and evaluate digital technology. Improve 
efficiencies and Drive optimal performance. 
Drive productivity, improve timeliness and Accuracy.  
Optimise And utilise data to inform business decisions. 
Maximise revenue. Eliminate inefficiencies. Streamline processes to ensure 
smooth Workflow. 
Free up talent to concentrate on more productive And profitable roles. 
Have technical staff doing only technical work. 
Business analysis and discovery. 
Solution formulation and design 
Development and configuration 
Solution roll out and embedding 
Stakeholder engagement and review  
Be aware of, and demonstrate, the principles of Our Charter.  This sets out the 
expectations for conduct at Auckland Council. 
To define a Better Service Delivery Model across the departments and the 
regulatory value chain 
To undertake a review of how and where we currently deliver customer value, 
the efficacy / productivity of our offerings and operations and implement 
changes to deliver a world class regulatory service delivery model.  
 Regulatory Services directorate is commercially agile, attuned to risk and
delivers simple to understand offerings that meet our customer’s needs.
Auckland Council behaviours 

 Senior executive financial management competence
 Understanding of best-practice customer service systems and processes
 Negotiation skills
 Systems thinking
Key skill 
 Superior written and presentation skills
 Tertiary qualification in business or public administration
 Experience at Executive level in large complex settings highly regulated
with a significant asset base, and requiring strategic impact, financial
acumen, and management of stakeholder pressures.
Job requirements 
 Proven ability to lead the diverse range of activities covered within the
portfolio, particularly with respect to successful delivery of customer service
functions and organisational transformation.
 Experienced in senior roles with public sector impact or direct experience of
strategic public sector leadership roles, particularly those with direct
community impact.
 Experience and strong evidence of an ability to create a culture of
innovation, collaboration performance, customer service focus and
transparency; and to build effective teams to these ends.
 Experience in roles requiring high level strategic policy analysis, formulation
and implementation, requiring work within legislative and regulatory
 Experience in achieving outcomes and results through influencing the way
resources are utilised as well as in managing them directly
The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by incumbents in the assigned job. They 
are not construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, or skills required of the incumbent. From time to time, employees may be 
required to perform duties outside of their normal responsibilities as needed. 
Approving manager: 
Version date: 
Job function: 
Job family: 
Job framework 
Auckland Council behaviours 

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From: Patricia Pascual Privacy S7(2)(a)> On Behalf Of Craig Hobbs 
Sent: Tuesday, 21 January 2020 2:00 PM 
To: GRP AC COO ‐ Regulatory Services <[email address]>; GRP AC Enterprise 
Leadership Group <[email address]> 
Cc: Andrew McCosh Privacy S7(2)(a)> 
Subject: Communication regarding General Manager SSI role 
Kia ora tatou 
As we move to improve our Regulatory Services systems and processes to give staff their time back, and customers a 
faster, more consistent and informed service, I have been conducting a review of the Service Strategy and 
Integration (SSI) department. This review has focussed on what resources, skills and capabilities SSI requires to 
support Regulatory Services as we set ourselves up for the future.   
In the two years since it was established, SSI has been successful in setting up a directorate focus for some core 
functions, including training, quality assurance, a performance framework, and complaints/LGOIMA management, 
as well as supporting the delivery of some important improvements for customers and our people. These functions 
provide a strong foundation for us, and now we need to take it to the next level to make it future‐fit. This means we 
need greater capability in SSI to drive and support change and business optimisation. 
As a first step in the review, and following consultation, a new role of General Manager Operations and Optimisation 
will be established that has a requirement to define and implement a business and service delivery model that will 
drive business optimisation, improvement and transformation across the Regulatory Services departments and the 
regulatory value chain. It will also analyse business operations, provide strategic advice and establish and deliver a 
future state Service Delivery Model for Regulatory Services, considering innovations, where appropriate, and 
ensuring there is alignment to our priority delivery plan.   
The focus of the role is a significant change from the current General Manager Service Strategy and Integration (GM 
SSI), and this means that the GM SSI role will be disestablished. 
Those of you that know Tracey Moore, our current GM SSI, are fully aware that she is deeply committed to the 
success of our people to be able to deliver for Auckland. Tracey and I have had regular discussions about our future 
direction, and she is completely supportive of this change. 
Tracey is a strong advocate for Regulatory Services, and for the SSI department, and over her two years in the role 
she has built a department with a strong focus on collaboration and a very positive culture.  

Privacy S7(2)(a)
want to recognise and 
thank Tracey for her outstanding leadership and service to Auckland Council and Aucklanders.  Privacy S7(2)(a)
I intend to advertise the new GM role in the very near future. 
Nga mihi 
Craig Hobbs | Director Regulatory Services 
Mobile 0274 548 845  
Auckland Council, Level 15, 135 Albert Street, Auckland 
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EA: Patricia Pascual 
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