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Role Description 
Role Title 
Duty Manager Community Pools 
Parks Sport and Recreation 
Leadership Group 
Customer and Community 
Recreation Facilities 
Reports to 
Operations Manager 
Welcome to Wellington City Council 
We serve the residents and businesses of the city of Wellington. To ensure we meet their needs we consult and 
engage with them on a regular basis and develop our vision and long term plans to meet those needs.  
Our Council vision is  
Kia mahi ngātahi mō Pōneke mō tōna āpōpō | Working together for Wellington’s future. 

Our four core values are: 
  He tangata, he tangata, he tangata |  We put people at the heart of what we do 
  Mahi ngātahi |  We collaborate 
  Whakapai ake |  We’re always improving 
  Mana tiaki |  We care for our places. 
Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi 
Wellington City Council is committed to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi – partnership, participation and 
protection - and as such, we work with our iwi partners and the wider Māori community to meet their needs and 
aspirations for the city. 
Our vision for the city is articulated in Wellington Towards 2040: Smart Capital.  There are four pillars to this 
People-Centred City 
Building a healthy, vibrant, affordable and resilient city with a strong sense of identity and “place” 
expressed through urban form, openness and accessibility. 
Connected City 
A city with easy access to regional, national and global networks.  Connections will be: physical, allowing 
for ease of movement of people and goods; virtual, in the form of world-class ICT infrastructure; and social, 
enabling people to connect with each other and their communities. 
Proactively responding to environmental challenges, taking an environmental leadership role as the capital 
city of clean, green New Zealand. 
June 2019 
Duty Manager Community Pools 

Dynamic City 
A city with a dynamic centre – a place of creativity, exploration and innovation.    The central city will 
continue to drive the regional economy and provide Wellingtonians and visitors alive with unique and 
outstanding experiences. 
10 Year Plan Priority areas 
We want our city to continue to thrive. To achieve this, we need to understand and address the challenges we 
face. How we do this through Our 10-Year Plan will potentially shape the city for generations to come. 
With the challenges in mind, we have identified the following priority investment areas: 
  Resilience and environment – investing in core infrastructure, looking after the environment and 
making our city more resilient against future shocks 
  Housing – investing in quality and affordable housing to accommodate our growing population 
  Transport – investing in transport options to maintain easy access in and out and around our city, 
promoting alternatives to private car usage, and reducing congestion 
  Sustainable growth – investing in economic projects that stimulate growth and diversification, and 
planning for population growth in ways that recognise the city’s special character 
  Arts and culture – investing in arts and culture to maintain our position internationally as a vibrant, 
edgy capital 
Parks, Sport and Recreation Key Result Areas 
Zero tolerance for poor customer service 
Absolute commitment to finding solutions 
A high standard of professionalism & business management 
A best-value mentality 
An outward-oriented focus 
Respect for, and commitment to, our community's aspirations 
June 2019 
Duty Manager Community Pools 

Detailed description of Duty Manager Community Pools 
Purpose of the Role: To effectively lead a team to provide exceptional customer service and facility presentation. 
To manage daily operational activities associated with the safe supervision of customers, high standards of facility 
presentation, water quality, and asset and equipment management.  To respond in the event of an emergency. 
Direct reports 
Indirect reports 
Operational staff 
Key Relationships: 
Community Pools Manager 
Operations Manager 
Suppliers and Contractors 
Facility staff 
Other Parks Sport and Recreation staff 
Industry organisations 
Key Responsibilities 
To achieve this you will need to: 
As a result we will see: 
Pool Lifeguarding 
  Carry out pool lifeguarding according to 
  Lifeguarding standards adhered to at 
protocols and standards. 
all times. 
  Identify and respond to emergencies 
  Prompt emergency response. 
according to Emergency Action Plans. 
Staff Management 
  Assist the Operations Manager with 
  The Operations Manager is 
recruitment, selection, induction and 
effectively supported in training, 
training of facility operations staff.  
recruitment, rosters and performance 
management processes. 
  Assist Operations Manager to maintain 
cost effective duty rosters, daily work 
schedules and facility procedures. 
  Carry out performance management of 
team members in line with WCC 
Performance Management Systems, 
ensuring the identification of ongoing 
training and development requirements 
using position-training guidelines. 
Facility Presentation and 
  Ensure that procedures and schedules 
  A clean, hygienic well presented 
Operational Equipment 
for facility maintenance and 
presentation are established and carried    Maintenance schedules are reviewed 
when necessary. 
  Monitor effectiveness of facility 

presentation procedures, in consultation 
  Swim meets, programmes and 
equipment are set up and packed 
with Operations Manager, make 
down as required and events are 
improvements where required.  
timetabled to allow for this. 
June 2019 
Duty Manager Community Pools 

  Manage swim meets and events to a 
high standard, with regard to customer 
service, pool supervision and equipment 
set up and management. 
  Carry out administration tasks 
  Admin duties completed on time and 
requested by the Operations Manager 
to a suitable standard. 
or Community Pools Manager. 
  All timesheets are accurate and 
  Maintain effective working knowledge of 
submitted to HR Payroll on time. 
the administration of all operational and 
Facility programme services. 
  Process staff timesheets accurately. 
  Ensure all facility staff co-operate fully in    Staff are educated and Health & 
meeting the health & safety 
Safety requirements are met.  
requirements of the facility. 

  Operational activities meet the 
  Be familiar with and ensure operational 
expected standard for a Recreation 
activities comply with WCC standards. 
  Maintain and monitor water treatment 
levels and associated plant in 
  Water treatment standards are 
accordance with national prescribed 
maintained. Audits on water quality 
standards and procedures. 
meet the requirements. 
  Ensure that the provisions of the Health 
and Safety in Employment Act, Building 
Compliance Act, Pool Supervision 
Standards and New Zealand Standards 
for the Operation of Public Swimming 
Pools are maintained through all 
aspects of facility operation. 
Pool Supervision 
  Provide and maintain a high standard of    All staff meet the competency 
professional pool Lifeguarding and 
requirements for the Pool Lifeguard 
safety for facility customers through 
Award and First Aid requirements. 
effective supervision of facility 

operations staff. 
  Customers are supervised in the pool 
at all times. 
Customer Service 
  Provide clear and accurate information 
  Target customer satisfaction. 
to customers about the facility services 
and programmes.  
  Swift resolution of issues resulting in 

win-win outcomes for all parties. 
  Provide effective customer care and 
consideration ensuring a positive, 
welcoming, helpful courteous manner 
  Satisfied customers both internal and 
at all times to all customers. 
  Proactively develop and maintain 
positive relationships with facility 
customers and user groups. 
  Encourage and respond positively to 
June 2019 
Duty Manager Community Pools 

customer feedback, seeking assistance 
from Operations Managers when 
  Carry out customer service according 
to protocol and standards. 
Team Commitment 
  Actively commit to working as part of 

the facility team to ensure a co-
  Team members feel supported and 
respected by their peers. 
operative environment. Encourage staff 
to have personal responsibility and 
pride in Facility activities. 
Professional Development    Maintain personal levels of competence    Standards and competencies are 
sufficient to lead and carry out 
emergency response to customers or 
fellow team members as required. 
  Attendance at scheduled training and 
areas of professional development 
  Attend all scheduled in-house training 
are identified and actioned. 
on request and assist Operations 
Manager with the delivery of in house 
training requirements. 
Develop and manage a 
  Show leadership in supporting the team    Staff who feel valued and have a 
highly effective team. 
to achieve the organisation’s vision and 
good understanding of how their role 
is aligned with the organisation’s 
strategic objectives. 
  Build and enhance the capability of the 
  Targeted performance development 
plans in place for all staff that are 
  Create and maintain a culture of high 
supported with regular reviews. 
performance where personal 
development is valued. 
  Satisfied internal and external 
customers who view the FM team as 
  Maintain high levels of staff motivation 
professional, customer focussed and 
and teamwork with a focus on service 
high performing. 
standards, value for money, and 
continuous improvement. 
Leadership - you will be 
  Demonstrate leadership behaviours in 
  A high performing motivated team 
expected to demonstrate 
all that you do, including inspiration; 
that has a sense of purpose and 
leadership in line with the 
vision; courage and integrity.  
direction and works collaboratively 
preferred culture for the 
across the organisation. 
  Operate from a shared values base and   
positively role model and demonstrate 
behaviours and management practices 
consistent with those values. 
  Identify issues or risks to achieving 
business objectives and develop and 
implement mitigation strategies. 
Health and safety – 
  Take responsibility for a work 
  A team culture, supported by 
Leaders will provide visible 
environment where hazards and risks 
processes and practice, that views 
June 2019 
Duty Manager Community Pools 

leadership in health and 
can be openly raised, discussed and 
health and safety as a critical element 
safety systems and 
of business as usual. 
practices to assist in the 
achieving of the value of 
  Celebrate and reward health and safety 
“aspire to zero harm”. 
successes; challenge attitudes and 
behaviours that don’t support workplace 
June 2019 
Duty Manager Community Pools 

JOB REQUIREMENTS – Duty Manager Community Pools 
  Pool Lifeguard Practicing Certificate 
  Water treatment experience 
  Pre Hospital Emergency Care certificate 
Strong demonstrable knowledge of and experience in: 
  Leading a team 
  Strong pool operational experience 
  Customer Service 
Job related competencies: Role specific competencies required for the job    
  Predicting – Analysing available information to assess the most likely long term result of a range of 
options. Supplements available information with experience and judgment to ensure predictions are as 
accurate as possible. 
  Negotiating – Reaching a consensus view without damaging relationships and with minimal noise. 
Pushing as hard as possible so both parties agree they have achieved a win-win outcome 
  Prioritising – Making decisions in the context of the contribution to Council outcomes.  
  Solution focussed – Thinking beyond constraints and focusing on what is possible to ensure proposals 
are results oriented and practical. 
  Trusting – Delegating the responsibility and authority for functions to team members, then giving them the 
freedom and autonomy required to achieve the desired outcomes. Encourages a steady flow of two-way 
communication vertically and horizontally within the organisation so informed decisions can be made at the 
right level.  
  Leadership - You are a role model for the culture and values of the Council and you can see the strengths 
and weaknesses of people. You can manage any conflict in a reasoned manner through to an accepted 
  Operational  Ability  –  With  a  focus  on  value  for  ratepayers  you  will  get  things  done  and  eliminate 
roadblocks.  You will create strong teams of empowered people who understand organisational processes 
and always look for opportunities for improvement. You will be motivated to demonstrate energy and drive 
for your self and others to achieve results. 
  Professionalism  –  You  will  promote  and  behaving  in  ways  that  support  the  culture  and  values  of  the 
Council.  You learn from mistakes and strive for personal development. 
  Customer Service – You will provide customer service accepting the customers problem is our problem. 
  Effectiveness for Maori - Understanding and meeting the needs of Māori in the Council’s internal working 
environment and in the delivery of services to the Wellington community. 
  Biculturalism and Diversity – Acts in ways that promote an environment of biculturalism, diversity and 
June 2019 
Duty Manager Community Pools 

inclusion in the workplace. 
Delegated authorities:  

The responsibilities above are intended to describe the general nature and level of work required by the 
incumbent to achieve the expected outcomes for the job.  From time to time, the incumbent may be required to 
perform duties outside of these responsibilities as required. 
June 2019 
Duty Manager Community Pools