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Role Description 
Role Title 
Lifeguard / Facility Operations 
Parks Sport & Recreation 
Team Operations 
Reports to 
Team Leader Operations 
Welcome to Wellington City Council 
We serve the residents and businesses of the city of Wellington. To ensure we meet their needs we consult and 
engage with them on a regular basis and develop our vision and long term plans to meet those needs.  
Our vision for the city is articulated in Wellington Towards 2040: Smart Capital.  There are four pillars to this 
People-Centred City 
Building a healthy, vibrant, affordable and resilient city with a strong sense of identity and “place” 
expressed through urban form, openness and accessibility. 
Connected City 
A city with easy access to regional, national and global networks.  Connections will be: physical, allowing 
for ease of movement of people and goods; virtual, in the form of world-class ICT infrastructure; and social, 
enabling people to connect with each other and their communities. 
Proactively responding to environmental challenges, taking an environmental leadership role as the capital 
city of clean, green New Zealand. 
Dynamic City 
A city with a dynamic centre – a place of creativity, exploration and innovation.    The central city will 
continue to drive the regional economy and provide Wellingtonians and visitors alive with unique and 
outstanding experiences. 
Our Long-term Plan sets out how we wil  work towards the 2040 vision over the next 10 years. There are three 
priorities for the 2012-2022 Long-Term Plan: 
1.  Wellington – an inclusive place where talent wants to live 
Our economic future depends on our ability to attract and retain people, and employment opportunities, in 
our city. To do this, we will maintain our investment in those things that make Wellington a great place to 
live, while increasing our investment in activities that will grow the economy and make Wellington an even 
more attractive place to work, invest in and visit.  By doing these things, we are taking important steps 
towards achieving our community outcomes. 
2. Resilient 
To maintain and enhance our city’s resilience, we will prioritise investment in earthquake strengthening the 
city’s key infrastructure and work with businesses and communities so that, as a city, we are better 
prepared for and can swiftly recover from earthquakes and other natural disasters. 
August 2013  
Lifeguard/Facility Operations 

3.  A well-managed city 
We are committed to providing effective services that are good value for money.  To achieve this priority, 
we wil  focus on simplifying our processes, making the best of technology, working in partnerships with 
others, managing demand ahead of investing in new assets, and looking for opportunities to reduce costs 
or generate income. This wil  help us stay within the parameters of our financial strategy by keeping rates 
affordable and managing our debt levels. 
Our foundation values are: 
Aim high 
Encourage fresh thinking 
Deliver what’s right 
Work together 
Act with integrity and respect  
Aspire to zero harm to our staff and customers 
Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi 
Wellington City Council is committed to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi – partnership, participation and 
protection - and as such, we work with our iwi partners and the wider Māori community to meet their needs and 
aspirations for the city. 
Operations Team Key Result Areas 
The provision of outstanding sport and recreation support, programmes, partnerships and facilities that 
contribute to the wellbeing of Wellington City’s communities. 
The role of the pool is to provide a comprehensive, aquatic sport, recreation and leisure venue offering a range 
of leisure, recreational, educational, cultural, social and entertainment programmes and opportunities for people 
of all ages, interests and abilities.  
August 2013  
Lifeguard/Facility Operations 

Detailed description of Lifeguard / Facility Operations 
Purpose of the Role: 
Work as part of the facility team to deliver a high standard of customer service and facility presentation.  
Maintain a safe and enjoyable environment and respond in the event of an emergency. 
Key Relationships: 
  Facility Manager 
  Facility Customers 
  Team Leader Operations  
  Contractors and Suppliers 
  Facility In Charge 
  Other Facility Staff 
  Other Recreation Wellington Staff 
August 2013  
Lifeguard/Facility Operations 

Key Responsibilities 
To achieve this you will need to  
As a result we will see 
Customer Service 

   Satisfied customers, internal and 
  Provide clear and accurate 
information to customers about the 
facility services and programmes.  
  Provide effective customer care and 
consideration ensuring a positive, 
welcoming, helpful courteous manner 
at all times to all customers. 
  Proactively develop and maintain 
positive relationships with facility 
customers and user groups. 
  Encourage and respond positively to 
customer feedback, seeking 
assistance from team leaders when 
  Carry out customer service according 
to Recreation Wellington protocol and 
Pool Lifeguarding 
  Carry out pool Lifeguarding according 
  Lifeguarding standards adhered to 
to Recreation Wellington protocols 
at all times 
and standards. 

  Prompt emergency response 
  Identify and respond to emergencies 
according to Emergency Action 
Reception and 
  Carry out administration duties 
  Great reception service 
according to procedure and to 
specified standards.  
  Retail and reconciliation processes 
are followed 
  Submit accurate and legible 
  Accurate timesheets submitted on 
  Carry out any other administration 
tasks requested by the team leader 
and necessary in the effective 
management of the facility. 
  Provide efficient and accurate 
reception service, including fee 
collection, retail sales, stock control, 
dissemination of information, 
reconciliation and preparation for 
banking of all money received 
Facility Identity 
  Actively commit to working as part of 
  Active participation in team 
the “facility team” to ensure a co-
meetings and a professional work 
operative and friendly work 
  Attend and participate in team 
meetings and contribute 
August 2013  
Lifeguard/Facility Operations 

constructively to discussion that 
promotes a “Feeling Great” work 
  Show respect for all facility team 
  Assist in the delivery of programmes 
and events 
August 2013  
Lifeguard/Facility Operations 

Facility Presentation 
  Proactively carry out all cleaning 
  A clean, hygienic wel  presented 
duties according to procedure and to 
meet specified standards. 

  Personal responsibility for cleaning 
and pride in the work done to 
achieve this. 
  Maintain personal levels of 
  First Aid qualifications maintained 
competence sufficient to carry out 
unassisted first aid to customers or 
  PLPC competence maintained 
fellow team members as required. 
  Attendance at facility training 
  Maintain personal levels of 
competence in aquatic rescue 
techniques sufficient to perform 
unassisted water based rescue in any 
area of the pool. 
  Attend all scheduled in house training 
on request. 
  Maintain Emergency Response and 
First Aid qualifications relevant to the 
Health and safety  
  Take all reasonable and practical 
  All health and safety incidents and 
steps to ensure the safety of 
hazards reported in Risk Manager 
customers and other team members 
affected by your work. 
  Incidents and responses escalated 
to managers if required 
  Co-operate fully in meeting the health 
& safety requirements of the facility. 
  Regular reviews with your manager 
  Through effective supervision and 
to identify any health and safety 
education ensure customers use 
risks, hazards, accidents and 
facility equipment, services and 
activities safely. 
  Reporting all accidents, including 
near misses, whether or not these 
accidents involve injury 
  Take responsibility for your work 
environment, identify  hazards and 
risks and ensure they are addressed 
Quality Assurance 
  Carry out water testing and record 
  Water testing completed at regular 
test results. 
intervals and records kept according 
to procedure 
  Carry out plant monitoring and assist 
with adjustments and maintenance as  
  Issues with water quality escalated 
to managers if required 
  Accurately record water test and plant 
check results. 
August 2013  
Lifeguard/Facility Operations 

JOB REQUIREMENTS – Lifeguard / Facility Operations 
First Aid Certificate 
Customer Service Certificate 
Pool Lifeguard Practising Certificate (PLPC) 
Strong demonstrable knowledge of and experience in: 
Experience in a customer service or retail environment is desirable but not essential 
Job related competencies:  
  Operational Ability – With a focus on value for ratepayers you will get things done and eliminate 
  Customer Service – The customer problem is always our problem 
  Energy & Drive - You will be motivated to demonstrate energy and drive to achieve results. 
  Professionalism – You will behave in ways that support the culture and values of the Council.  You learn 
from mistakes and strive for personal development. 
  Prudent – Taking a cautious and considered approach towards investment and expenditure. 
  Articulate –Coherently and succinctly communicate the essence of the story adapted for Councillors, key 
organisations critical to the success of the city, and the general public. 
  Persuasive – Understanding the audience so we can relate to their perspective and tell a reasoned and 
compelling story to align others to our point of view.  
  Solution focussed – Thinking beyond constraints and focusing on what is possible to ensure proposals 
are results oriented and practical. 
  Effectiveness for Maori - Understanding and meeting the needs of Māori in the Council’s internal working 
environment and in the delivery of services to the Wellington community. 
  Biculturalism and Diversity – Acts in ways that promote an environment of biculturalism, diversity and 
inclusion in the workplace 
Delegated authorities: 
The responsibilities above are intended to describe the general nature and level of work required by the 
incumbent to achieve the expected outcomes for the job.  From time to time, the incumbent may be required to 
perform duties outside of these responsibilities as required. 
August 2013  
Lifeguard/Facility Operations