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Disclosure under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA) | Ten One - New Zealand Police Intranet
Identifying the requester
It is not necessary to verify the identity of an OIA () requester (unless they are a NZ body 
corporate requesting personal information about the requester (s25)) and they do not have 
to provide personal details. However, if you have concerns about the nature of the 
information sought and whether they meet the section 12 requirements of a person entitled 
to make a request (i.e. NZ citizen/permanent resident/in NZ), you may ask for a reasonable 
level of evidence, e.g. a NZ address or phone number, but you cannot demand proof of 
The purpose of checking eligibility is to ensure the Official Information Act applies to your 
response, including the 'good faith' protection from court proceedings provided by section 
If the OIA () request is for personal information about a third party:
- the requester must provide sufficient information, such as evidence of their 
relationship, to assist you in assessing whether the public interest in releasing the 
information to them outweighs any privacy interest (e.g. a request from a parent or 
guardian for information about offending by their young child), or
- you must be satisfied that the request is properly authorised by the individual 
whose information is being requested.