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2.1 Decline extenuating circumstances
Review Specialist
By phone, contact the customer/representative and advise them:
-of the decision to decline their extenuating circumstances and
-that this decision itself can be reviewed.
NOTE What if the customer/representative want to review the decision not to accept their late review application?
Advise the customer/representative that they can have the decision to decline the late review application reviewed and 
explain how this works with the review for the substantive decision.
Generate and send the REV012 Decline late review application letter. If appropriate, in Juno_CRM create an interaction and 
save the letter to the interaction.
REV12 Decline Late Lodge Review Application
Consider the substantive review issue and determine whether the decision was incorrect. If the decision was incorrect go to 
Fulfil Resolution Obligations.
NOTE What happens to the substantive (original review application) matter?
The substantive matter will have been transferred to the reviewer for a hearing date to be set and remains active. It 
will be put aside until the new extenuating circumstances review request is resolved.
NOTE Fulfil Resolution Obligations
PROCESS Implement Resolution Outcomes
Go to Prepare and attend Case Conference.
NOTE Prepare for and Attend Case Conference (CC)
PROCESS Prepare and Attend Case Conference (CC)
Prepare and Attend Case Conference (CC)
Review Specialist

Implement Resolution Outcomes
Review Specialist