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4/10/19  10 20 AM
in proxies for warm and cold intervals into context. We also have a long way to go to understand the
dynamics between the hemispheres that existed at that time and why the patterns existed and changed. 
Understanding the natural variability of the past is one key component to preparing for future changes,
including the changes expected from global warming. My job is to establish as best possible what the past
was like, and that is all the paper I wrote sought to achieve.
 6/07/2011 8:48 a.m. >>>
Dear Dr. 
Pardon this intrusion but I’ve come across some of your publications recently.  One, in particular, has
caught my attention.  It is:
Lorrey, A., Williams, P., Salinger, J., Martin, T., Palmer, J., Fowler, A., Zhao, J.-X. and Neil, H. 2008. Speleothem
stable isotope records interpreted within a multi-proxy framework and implications for New Zealand
palaeoclimate reconstruction. Quaternary International 187: 52-75.
The reason this is of interest to me is that a group is claiming that your work showing the presence of a
MWP disproves AGW theory.  I know that a MWP certainly existed and its magnitude varied spatially,
that is not in doubt.  I just wonder though, would you agree with the claim that the MWP was “global in
extent and warmer than today’s temperatures”?  Also, do you believe your work “disproves” AGW?
Thanks for the response.  I look forward to receiving it and reading your research in the future.
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4/10/19  10 19 AM
response to Lord Monckton
Mon 7/18/2011 8225 AM
I see I wasn't the only one who's work was misrepresented.
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Possible Media Enquiries re Lord Monckton
Thursday, 11 April 2013 4:59:20 PM
Potential responses to Monckton-related Questions 10 Apr 2013[1][1].docx
We've received some enquiries from media and through the NIWA Facebook page regarding Lord 
Moncktons' visit / talks. If you do receive such an enquiry, please refer the caller (or email) through to 
 and she will either deal with it herself or farm it out to me or 
For your information, I've attached some notes 
 and I have prepared together, to help us 
with enquiries (Lord Monckton's NZ tour lasts through to the end of April). What we do NOT want to do 
is get drawn into a fruitless media or internet debate (for the reasons outlined in the note) - any 
responses will be designed so as not to open a bunch of further questions. Likewise, we would not 
accept an invitation to participate in face-to-face debates.
Regards - 

RE: Draft answers to Facebook and Media Questions
Tuesday, 9 April 2013 3:40:43 PM
Proposed Responses to Monckton-related Questions_BM_GS.doc
I agree – what you have written is very good 
. I have made a few comments in the attached
version for your consideration.
Thought you might also like this:
Kind regards
Sent: Tuesday, 9 April 2013 12:31 p.m.
Subject: RE: Draft answers to Facebook and Media Questions
What you have written is fine. I have added some extra comment.
Also see second attached file, which is an extract from ClimateConversation
Sent: Tuesday, 9 April 2013 2:27 a.m.
Subject: Draft answers to Facebook and Media Questions
As promised this afternoon, I've attached my draft attempt at an answer to the facebook question, and
at some answers to potential media questions related to Lord Monckton's speaking tour.
I look forward to your ideas for improvements.
Regards - 

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