This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Wellington City Council and Baycorp debt collection'.

24 July 2019 
Seann Paurini 
Tēnā koe, Seann. 
Thank you for your request made under the Local Government Official Information and 
Meetings Act 1987 (the Act),  received on 27 June 2019. You requested the following 
•  How much do you pay your debt collection agency (Baycorp) to collect a $40 
parking infringement fine? 
If a parking infringement remains unpaid 57 days after it has been issued, Wellington City 
Council  (WCC)  refers the unpaid infringement to  Baycorp to collect the outstanding 
We pay a fee ($1) to lodge the infringement with Baycorp and we pay  a commission 
(between 10-12%) on the total amount that Baycorp were able to collect. Once a month we 
receive an invoice for the commission and lodgement fees. 
If Baycorp is unable to collect an infringement 150 days after it has been issued, it is 
referred back to WCC where it then may be lodged for collection with Ministry of Justice. 
Thank you again for your request. 
Ngā mihi nui, 
Ana Nicholls 
Assurance Advisor