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2 July 2019
Matt B
Email: mailto:[FYI request #10188 email]
Dear Matt,
Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA) Request
We refer to your information request dated 4 June 2019. A copy of your request is set 
out below and numbered for ease of reference:
With regards to the above article, please advise the following:
1. Has  an  assessment  been  done  on  the  operational  efficiency  of  an  express 
service to destinations beyond the Frankton Hub? (ie. only stopping at it's final 
destination  or  key  nodes).  If  not,  please  advise  why  an  assessment  on  user 
efficiency has not been done. 

2. Frankton  Road  to  Frankton  Hub  is  already  well  serviced  by  the  current  bus 
system.  If  there  are  sufficient  passengers  to  fill  buses  between  LHE/SC  and 
Queenstown what operational reason is there to not operate this as an express 

3. Please advise what is preventing a direct service from being implemented now 
rather than "in the coming months".
4. Please provide the report that has informed the decision to review the direct bus 
service rather transferring buses at the hub.  
5. With regards to the ORC policy statement, please advise what ORC is doing to 
achieve  the  following: "protection  of  transport  infrastructure  from  the  adverse 
effects of land use activities and natural hazards"

I have been informed of the following in response to your questions:
Question 1, 2 & 3
The new Orbus service was implemented 18 months ago and patronage since then has 
grown massively. We recognise public transport demand continues to grow, in particular 
from the Lake Hayes and Shotover Country Estates. In future planning the ORC needs 
to ensure that its route planning is sustainable and improves the entire service. Any route 
changes  must  be  thoroughly  worked  through  before implementation.  We  have  to 
consider other passengers’ needs, fleet capability, cost and timetable logistics. 

We have made an assessment for this particular route, investigating a new peak service. 
The  investigation  is  currently  in  stages  of  review  and  due  to  be  put  to  council  for 
approval  in  the  coming  months.  If  approved,  we  hope  to  implement  the  new  service 
before the end of the year. 
We  will  also  be  in  a  better  position  to  understand  passenger  movements  delivered 
through our new ticketing system due to start in Queenstown in September.  
Question 4
The decision to review the Lake Hays Estate service was not based on a report but on 
feedback  from  various  stakeholders,  including  the  Lake  Hayes  Estate  and  Shotover 
Country communities who have told ORC about the need for a direct service. We also 
work closely with the operator who reports on passenger loads.
Question 5
The ORC continuously plans to implement projects to support and protect our regions 
transport infrastructure. Recent projects include the Stock Effluent disposal sites and the 
suite of changes to the Queenstown and Dunedin transport networks.
You  have  the  right  to  seek  an  investigation  and  review  by  the  Ombudsman  of  this 
response.  Information  about  how  to  make  a  complaint  is  available  at or freephone 0800 802 602. 
If you have any queries concerning the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely
James Gribble
Administration Officer-  Legal 

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