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Otago Business School Taumata1  
Terms of Reference 
The Taumata assists the OBS with its purpose which is to help shape the future, both globally 
and in the Asia-Pacific region, through excellence in research and teaching, and in 
partnership with business and society; and its ambition to be a world-leading business school 
that focuses on health, wellbeing and social justice, advancement of Maori and Pacific 
business and people, and economic and business development.  
The Taumata will help OBS to gain advantage in all of its activities by advising on areas such 
-  Keeping our curriculum relevant, ensuring that OBS leads in business education; 
-  Connecting OBS with the business and broader community, ensuring that our work is 
relevant and has impact, and that there is two-way engagement between OBS and the 
-  Raising the profile of OBS; 
-  Fundraising, including identifying opportunities; 
-  Engaging with alumni and students. 
The Taumata will also be OBS champions, including advocating on behalf of OBS where 
appropriate. This may include: 
-  Building the OBS brand by advocating locally, nationally and internationally by 
communicating key messages to key audiences; 
-  Creating awareness in the community of OBS programmes and initiatives; 
-  Showcasing student and other achievements. 
The Taumata will be respected advisors to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (PVC) and senior staff, 
with OBS reserving the right to make final decisions. 
Taumata members will be invited by the PVC of OBS in consultation with senior academic 
staff and existing Taumata (once the initial Tuamata has been appointed). The Taumata will 
not normally exceed 12 members and members will normally be asked to contribute for two 
years with possibility of renewal.  
The Taumata will not meet formally, although meetings may be arranged from time to time. 
Rather, Taumata members will be engaged periodically in discussions and decisions that the 
OBS PVC and colleagues require advice on. Taumata members are welcome to provide 
advice to OBS via the PVC as and when they see fit. The PVC and OBS leadership will seek 
to meet with Taumata members when travelling; similarly, Taumata members can expect to 
be hosted at OBS for discussions on OBS and other matters when in Dunedin. 

1 ‘Taumata’ loosely translates from Māori to English as ‘Council of Notables’