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Dear Michael 
Request for information 2019-083 
I refer to your request for information dated 7 March 2019, which was received by Greater 
Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) on 7 March 2019. You have requested the following 
I would like to know the budgeted and actual costs associated with the work being undertaken 
currently at bus stop 5319 (Karori Tunnel Stop B). 

Please include the cost of tearing down the old bus stop as well as building the replacement, and if 
possible ancillary costs such as signposting nearby stops etc. 

Ideally a degree of itemisation would be provided (e.g. this much spent on labour, this much spent 
on earthworks, this much spent on materials etc
GWRC’s response follows. 
The full budgeted cost of constructing Karori Tunnel Stop B is $302,057. The aggregated budgeted 
costs for Karori Tunnel Stop B are as follows.   
  The existing shelter at Karori Stop B was owned by Adshel, which operates in Wellington 
under a contract administered by Wellington City Council. Adshel installs, manages, and, 
where necessary, removes shelters free of charge in exchange for the revenue it gains from 
advertising. Therefore there was no cost to the project for removal of the existing shelter.  
  Design and project management costs arise from the use of Greater Wellington Regional 
Council personnel and a third party supplier of professional services. The external contract for 
design and project management of the Bus Hubs project (including this Karori site) is for a 
fixed fee and is not broken down on a per-stop basis. If the fee is divided equally across all 
stops on the project the design and management budget for Stop B is approximately $16,094. 

  Civil works are priced on a per-hub basis. The Karori hub, which incorporates two stops, 
averages out at a budgeted cost of $100,385 per stop. 
  The budgeted cost of shelter manufacture and installation at this stop is $145,123.  
  The costs of signage notifying customers of temporary arrangements during the construction 
phase of Stop B is difficult to specify accurately as printing was procured as part of a larger run. 
The estimated maximum total budgeted cost of signage for the hub is $200. 
  The shelters being used as temporary facilities on the Karori side of the tunnel were installed as 
part of an ongoing network facility upgrade and will remain in situ following the completion of 
the project. They are therefore not project costs. 
  The budgeted cost of the electrical connection for the stop is $21,000.  
  ICT equipment and network connection serve both stops at the hub. The average cost for ICT 
equipment and installation for one stop is $7,667. The budgeted cost for systems design, testing 
and ICT project management for the stop is $11,588.  
Work on Karori Tunnel Stop B is currently ongoing. Greater Wellington Regional Council has not 
yet been billed for all work relating to this site, so I am unable to advise on all actual costs. As no 
contract variation claims specific to this stop have been submitted to date, actual costs can be 
reasonably expected to be the same as (or very close to) the budgeted costs above. 
I note you have also requested an itemised breakdown of this information. Contractors provide 
itemised costs in confidence during the competitive tender process, and the details are commercially 
sensitive. I am therefore withholding an itemised breakdown of costs under section 7(2)(b)(ii) of the 
Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, as releasing this information would 
be likely unreasonably to prejudice the commercial position of the person who supplied or who is 
the subject.  
We have considered whether the public interest in the requested information outweighs GWRC’s 
need to withhold certain aspects of the information requested. As a result, we do not consider that 
the public interest outweighs GWRC’s reason for withholding parts of the information under the 
grounds identified above. 
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If you have any concerns with the decision(s) referred to in this letter, you have the right to request 
an investigation and review by the Ombudsman under section 27(3) of the Local Government 
Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.  
Yours sincerely 
Greg Pollock 
General Manager, Public Transport