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on 11/01/2019 02:23
Service: Traffic Lights
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Subject: Timing and Phasing
Desc.: Would I be able to get an acknowledgement this was received and is being actioned? Just to add to this, my workmate
helpfully pointed out that to make it through the entire intersection before it turns red (if you enter just before it turns orange),
then you have to be traveling at 36 km/h which is a fair achievement for a cyclist going uphill.If you want to exit before other
traffic gets a green light then you would have to be traveling at 19km/h which is a bit more possible for an experienced cyclist
going up a hill, but not really for your average cyclist.Note that this intersection is at the end of a cycle lane, so it should be
assumed that cyclists frequent this intersection, of all abilities. On Thu, 10 Jan 2019, 9:38 AM Withheld under section 7(2)(a)
<Withheld under section 7(2)(a)
 wrote:This is in response to your OIA's that you sent today
for the cyclist speed, and length of the intersection and red light timing for the Victoria St and Karo Drive intersection, and a
follow up on my repeated safety concerns about cyclists and red light timings that have been dismissed by members of the
council's staff. These concerns have spanned several years with no action seen from the council. Taking an average speed of
around 4.3 meters per second (from the 15.5 km/https//>), in the
5.5 second between when a light turns amber to the other path turning green, that cyclist would have travelled around around
23 meters. Given the intersection is 30 meters this is not enough for an average cyclist to travel fully through the intersection
before other vehicles get a green light if they enter just as the light turns amber....
Site: Victoria St (R1590), Te Aro, Wgtn
Site Address: Victoria St
Area: Te Aro
Location: Victoria St, Te Aro
Ward: Lambton
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11/01/2019 02:23
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Tim Kirby
...Can this please be fixed,
and all other intersections
in Wellington be audited to
determine whether a cyclist
travelling at an average
speed of 15.5 km/h can
safely exit the intersection
before other vehicles get
green lights.Note that this
is something I've brought
up many times with the
council before along with
video footage of the light
turning red when I enter on
a green. I was told verbally
by Tim Kirby in October
2018 that all the light
timings were designed so
all vehicles can safely exit
during the "all red" or
"intragreen" periods. This is
clearly false given the
above. This was also when
I was verbally told by that
staff member that as a
cyclist I'm a minority and
my safety concerns don't
matter. Hopefully this will
change the councils
opinion on that matter.
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