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Hope you had a great weekend. Just following up our conversation last week at EECA with a schedule of sites (attached). Let me know if there's a project management tool you'd like me to load these into, or whether excel is okay for now.

Points to note (as discussed):
  1. Ballance and Willeston aren't looking good for EV charging. The split parking spaces in combination with the distance from 400V cabling would put us $30k and $20k respectively over budget. That said, we need to get these sites operating ASAP, and we can charge the cars elsewhere.
    Action: Keen to discuss options for this. We note there is a TUD across the road on Ballance St, and there are options for us around the corner from Willeston on Victoria St. Moving the parks slightly would be ideal for us, and we're happy to incur some cost for re-painting/signage - but it's just not feasible for us to be spending so much on underground cabling. Otherwise, happy to hear other options.

  2. Victoria and Bolton are looking v promising. We have ordered EV charging hardware in line with the numbers in the spreadsheet.
    Action: WCC to confirm whether or not the proposed public charging (1x at Bolton and 3x at Victoria) is acceptable, and we will kick off with WE to get the ball rolling ASAP.

  3. Oriental, Kelburn, Roxburgh will require us to order more vehicles. Proposed to schedule these for delivery December 1, to give us 6-8 weeks to ramp up the next 12 cars. If the timelines on sites 2-5 slip then we may need to push this back a little.

  4. Aro, Tinakori, Tennyson: Keen to hear more detail on the status of these, and when we might expect a go/no-go decision.
    Action: WCC to provide more info when available.

  5. Sites 12+
    As detailed, we were initially looking at some of the CBD unmetered bays, but this has missed the November round of TRs as we understand it.
    Action: WCC to provide information on:

    1. When is the next round of TRs we could get in on?

    2. Is the allocation of 30 metered bays exhausted at this point?
We are working hard with private space partners to place extra vehicles, and this will progress in parallel. For now, we'd like to shoot for getting all but pods 15 and 16 on public land.

Hopefully, there's a good level of detail here for you, but let me know if I can fill in any gaps or provide any more info.




Finn Lawrence

Co-Founder // Head of Product

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