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30 January 2019 
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File Ref:  OIAP-7-8269 
Hugh Davenport 
[FYI request #9008 email] 
Dear Mr Davenport 
Request for information 2018-371 
I  refer  to  your  request  for  information  dated  11  December  2018,  which  was  received  by  Greater 
Wellington Regional Council on 11 December 2018. You have requested the following information: 
“I would like to get information about the following: 
1. The number of reports about individual buses running red lights in the Wellington region 
2. The number of the reports from 1. that were sent to the contractors of each individual bus 
3. The number of the reports from 2. that received no reply from the contractor 
4. The number of the reports from 3. that were followed up by Metlink to gain a response from the 
5. The number of the reports from 4. that got a response from the contractor after Metlinks follow up 
6. The average response time from the contractor fitting point 2, but not point 3 onwards 
7. The average response time from the contractor fitting point 5. 
I would like this information over the last year, broken into the following categories: 
a) The entire year 
b) By month 
c) By contractor for the entire year 
d) By contractor by month” 
Greater Wellington Regional Council’s response follows
The information that you have sought on the number or reports of red light running for the year to 
11 December 2018  (being the date of  your request), by month  and by  contractor, is  enclosed with 
this letter as Attachment 1
OIA 2018-371 Hugh Davenport 

The  information  has  been  sourced  from  the  Metlink  Resolve  customer  resolution  management 
system. It should be noted that the Resolve system is a customer relationship management system, 
used  to  record  feedback,  information  about  events  or  incidences,  and  satisfaction  from  customers 
with  Metlink  services.  Each  contact  from  a  customer  is  logged  as  a  single  case  into  the  Resolve 
system and provided with a unique identifying number.  
1. The number of reports about individual buses running red lights in the Wellington region  
In the year to 11 December 2018 there were 194 cases of red light running reported by customers, to 
the Metlink Resolve customer management team, who have provided feedback relating to red light 
running. If more than one customer were to contact us about the same observed incident these would 
be recorded separately and this could result in duplication in the number of recorded incidences.  In 
addition if a customer was to report more than one incident at the time of contact with the Metlink 
this would be recorded in Resolve as a single case. I understand for example that we currently have 
12  separate  cases  of  red  light  running  incidences  that  you  have  reported  recorded  in  Metlink 
Resolve, involving 387 incidences.   
2. The number of the reports from 1. that were sent to the contractors of each individual bus 
85  cases  of  red  light  running  have  been  referred  to  the  Metlink  bus  operators  in  the  previous  12 
3. The number of the reports from 2. that received no reply from the contractor 
In all cases replies have been received from the bus operator. 
4. The number of the reports from 3. that were followed up by Metlink to gain a response from the 

As above as all cases received a reply from the operator there were no cases where Metlink was 
required to follow-up with the operator. 
5. The number of the reports from 4. that got a response from the contractor after Met links 
follow up 

See response to 4 above. There were no cases that required follow-up by Metlink with the operator 
6. The average response time from the contractor fitting point 2, but not point 3 onwards 

The average response time from the bus operator across the 12 month period to 11 December 2018 
and across all bus operators was 5 days. 
OIA 2018-371 Hugh Davenport 

7. The average response time from the contractor fitting point 5. 
See response to 5 above. There were no cases that required follow-up with the Metlink operator. 
If you have any concerns with the decision(s) referred to in this letter, you have the right to request 
an  investigation  and  review  by  the  Ombudsman  under  section  27(3)  of  the  Local  Government 
Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.  
Yours sincerely 
Angus Gabara 
General Manager, Public Transport (Acting) 
OIA 2018-371 Hugh Davenport