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4 March 2019 
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Tony Randle 
[FYI request #7104 email]  
Dear Mr Randle 
Request for information 2019-026 
I  refer  to  your  request  for  information  dated  1  February  2019,  which  was  received  by  Greater 
Wellington  Regional  Council  (GWRC)  on  4  February  2019.  You  have  requested  the  following 
“I am interested in the proposed GWRC 2018/19 Annual Plan and, in particular, how the Transport 
Rates have been calculated. 

1) Can you please provide me with a complete copy of the detailed calculations that were used to 
provide the transport rates information in the draft 2019/20 Annual Plan? 

I assume that the Transport Rates Calculation information is held in electronic spreadsheet form 
and I would prefer it was provided to me in its complete, original electronic format as I wish to 
understand how the calculations were made including the formula used. Please advice if this 
assumption is not correct and advice what format this information is held. If this information is not 
to be provided in its complete, original electronic format, please provide the grounds for the GWRC 
refusal to provide this information in the requested format. 
I am also interested in the information related to the 2019/20 Transport Rates provided to 
councillors at council workshops. 

2) Can I please have a copy agenda (including date/time, location and attendees) of each council 
workshops held at which the 2019/20 Transport Rates were discussed? 

3)  Can  I  please  have  a  copy  of  any  reports,  presentations  or  other  information  provided  in 
preparation  for,  or  during  or  subsequent  to  each  council  workshops  held  at  which  the  2019/20 
Transport Rates were discussed ? 

4) Can I please have a copy of any meeting minutes or meeting notes from each council workshops 
held at which the 2019/20 Transport Rates were discussed ? 

I am also interested in changes to the Transport Reserve. 


5) Can you please provide me with a listing of the changes (contributions and withdrawals) from the 
Transport Reserve over the past three years including the source for the contributions and the target 
for the withdrawals?” 
GWRC’s response follows: 
We assume your question relates to GWRC 2019/20 Annual Plan. GWRC’s 2018/19 Annual Plan, 
including the Transport Rates calculation, has been provided to you in April 2018.  
1) The proposed GWRC 2019/20 public transport rates have not been finalised. This will be 
available after 31 March 2019.  This part of your request will be processed once the document is 
2) Transport rates were discussed in general terms at the following annual plan workshops: 
  21 November 2018, 9:30 a.m., Walter St Council Chambers  
  13 December 2018, 9:30 a.m., Walter St Council Chambers.  
Greater Wellington Regional Council workshops  are not minuted so who attended is  not recorded. 
Therefore, this information cannot be provided on the basis it does not exist. 
3) The presentations on the Annual Plan referred to above are attached. 
4) Greater Wellington Regional Council workshops are not minuted; therefore, this information 
cannot be provided on the basis it does not exist. 
5) The changes to the Transport Reserve are set out in the table below. The source for the Transport 
Reserve contributions comes from savings within public transport. Please note that the terms ‘transfers to 
reserves’ and ‘transfers from reserves’ are interchangeable and are used for internal accounting purposes 
Year Ending Year Ending Year Ending
Opening Balance
  ,377         1
  9,106         1
Transfers to reserves
  0,389              722
Interest Earned
Transfer from Reserves
  ,887           2
  9,106         1
  6,609         1
If you have any concerns with the decision(s) referred to in this letter, you have the right to request 
an  investigation  and  review  by  the  Ombudsman  under  section  27(3)  of  the  Local  Government 
Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.  
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Yours sincerely 
Samantha Gain 
General Manager, Corporate Services