This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Number of designated PGY1 positions filled by PGY2 or higher candidates'.

Southern District Health Board  
Dunedin Hospital 
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DUNEDIN, 9054  
Chief Executive Officer 
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2 March 2017 
Lait Dalal 
[FYI request #5204 email] 
Dear Lait Dalal 
Re: Official Information Act Request 
I refer to your Official Information Act request received by email on 15 February 2017 in which 
you specifically requested the following: 
The  total  number  of  designated  PGY1  positions  across  all  DHBs  where,  following  a 
withdrawal  or  decline  by  ACE  matched  candidates,  PGY1  or  higher  candidates  were 
appointed. - Out of these appointments: 
a) breakdown of appointments quarter wise.  
b)  how  many  were  existing  employee  and  required  further  PGY1  allocation  to  meet 
MCNZ general registration requirements.  
c)  How  many  of  these  appointees  satisfied  MCNZ  registration  requirements  through 
comparable health care system or competent authority pathways. 
Southern DHB’s response is as follows: 
  Question a – nil 
  Question b – nil 
  Question c - nil 
You have the right to seek an investigation and review of our decision by the Ombudsman.  
The Ombudsman's Office can be contacted on 0800 802 602 or on-line at 
Yours sincerely 
Chris Fleming 
Chief Executive Officer