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Dear Hana,

Thank you for email and I apologise for the late reply.

I’ve discussed this with the planner responsible for the Agrichemicals chapter of the Unitary Plan

They are not aware of any detailed weed management policy in the Unitary Plan. Weed management is more a Biosecurity Act matter, rather than Resource Management Act, and is likely addressed by reserves and park management plans, and bylaws, rather than through RMA plans.

For reference, please find attached Council’s latest position on the Agrichemicals section, as amended through the Unitary Plan hearing.

Please let me know if you require information on this matter.


Louise Pentecost | Planning Technician Team

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From: Melissa Warmenhoven On Behalf Of Official Information
Sent: Monday, 13 June 2016 11:56 a.m.
To: Unitary Plan
Subject: FW: Official Information request - Where in the Unitary Plan has the Vision and Objectives of the 2013 Weed Management Policy been incorporated?

Dear Unitary Plan team

We have looked at this request and don’t consider that it needs to be answered through the LGOIMA team. Could you please respond to the query directly and copy us in for our record. Please note that response to FYI requestors are published on the FYI website.

Any questions, let me know.

Nāku, nā


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-----Original Message-----
From: Hana Blackmore [mailto:[FYI request #4133 email]]
Sent: Saturday, 11 June 2016 1:10 p.m.
To: Official Information
Subject: Official Information request - Where in the Unitary Plan has the Vision and Objectives of the 2013 Weed Management Policy been incorporated?

Dear Auckland Council,

The Weed Management Policy adopted by Council in August 2013 had as its very first action:

“1a incorporate the vision and objectives of the weed management policy into the Unitary Plan, the review of the RPMS, and other relevant Auckland Council or CCOs plans, policies and strategies as they are developed or reviewed by providing appropriate input during the consultation phase. (pp16)”

At the Unitary Plan hearings I specifically drew this action to the attention of the Judge, who directed a side question at Council Officers in attendance as to why they had not addressed this in their earlier submission to him.

I request that Council urgently direct me to the SPECIFIC SECTION AND SPECIFIC TEXT where the "vision and objectives of the Weed Mangment Policy 2013" have been incorporated into the Draft Unitary Plan.

Yours faithfully,

Hana Blackmore


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