This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Number of days sick leave taken by career fire fighters'.

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9 December 2015 
Bradley Berry 
By email:  
Dear Mr Berry 
Official Information Request - Number of days sick leave taken 
I refer to your official information request which was received on 13 November 2015.  In 
accordance with the provisions of the Official Information Act 1982 please find a response 
to your questions below: 
How many career operational firefighters were employed by the New Zealand Fire 
Service for the financial year ending 2014? 
The New Zealand Fire Service employed 1700 career operational firefighters as at 30 June 
What is the maximum number of sick days an operational career firefighter was 
entitled to under their collective agreement employment contract for the financial 
year ending in 2014? Include in your response a scanned copy of this collective 
agreement employment contract. 
Operational career firefighters have a sick leave entitlement of four weeks.  A copy of the 
collective agreement is attached.  
Is it compulsory under this contract for an operational career firefighter to provide a 
medical certificate for sick leave where the cumulative number of days absent from 
work is greater than five days per year? 
No.  Career operational firefighters may be required to provide a medical certificate after 
five days sick leave under clause (c) and in other circumstances. 
How many days sick leave were taken by career operational firefighters for the 
financial year ending 2014? 
A total of 16,581.8 days sick leave was taken by career operational firefighters for the 
financial year ending 2014. 
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ake ai a Aotearoa 

How much overtime pay was paid to career operational firefighters for the financial 
year ending 2014 due to the absence of other career firefighters? 
A total of $6,041,889 was paid in callbacks to career operational firefighters for the 
financial year ending 2014 due to the absence on sick leave of other career firefighters.  
This equates to 3.15% of the total payroll for that year. 
Yours sincerely  
Rob Pope 
Director, Office of the Chief Executive