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Accounts Officer
Animal Services Officer (2)
Assistant Accountant
Assistant Cultural Relations Advisor Kai Takawaenga Maori
Bay Roads Administration Officer
Building Control Official (4)
Building Technician
Capital Project Engineer
CEO Group Assistant
Chief Executive Officer
Civil Defence Welfare Co-Ordinator
Communications Manager
Community Development Officer
Compliance Officer
Consents Manager
Consents Officer
Consents Officer Building
Consents Technician
Contract Administrator
Corporate Advisor
Corporate and Planning Services Secretary
Corporate Projects Co-ordinator
Customer and Library Service Centre Co-ordinator (4)
Customer and Library Services Technology Co-ordinator
Customer Services and Library Representative - Children and Teens (2)
Customer Services Manager
Customer Services Representative - Visitor Information
Customer Services Representative (14)
Database and Support Administrator
Democracy Support and Administration Officer
Democracy Support Officer Committees
Democracy Support Officer Community
District Secretary
EDRMS Administrator
Engineering Supply Technician
Engineering Systems Technician
Environment Development Officer
Executive Assistant Communications
Executive Assistant Corporate & Planning Services
Executive Assistant Customer Services
Executive Assistant Engineering Services
Executive Assistant HR /Communications
Executive Assistant Mayor/ CEO
Finance Manager
Finance Officer
GIS Analyst/Developer
GIS Technician (2)
Group Manager Corporate and Planning Services
Group Manager Customer Services
Group Manager Engineering Services
Health and Building Manager
Human Resources Manager
Information Services Officer (3)
Information Systems Officer Utilities
Information Technology and Services Manager

Information Technology Technician (3)
IT Business Analyst
IT Systems Analyst (2)
Legal Property Officer Reserves and Facilities (2)
Legal Property Officer Transportation & Utilities
Library and Service Centre Student Katikati Part Time
Maintenance Field Engineer Drainage
Maintenance Field Engineer Water
Management Accountant (2)
Maori Land Officer - Kai Arahi Maori
Operations Manager
Operations Manager Emergency Management
Operator Solid Waste Part Time
Parking Officer
Parking Officer Katikati Part Time
Plant Operator (4)
Policy Analyst Resource Management (3)
Policy Analyst Strategic (2)
Policy Planning and Community Manager
Pound Caretaker Te Puke/Katikati Part-time (2)
Principal Rural Fire Officer
Procurement and Projects Manager
Project and Maintenance Field Engineer
Project Co-ordinator Engineering Services
Project Co-ordinator Utilities Services
Property Officer
Rates Financial Support Officer
Rates Officer
Recreation Planner
Regulatory Officer (2)
Regulatory Officer Compliance
Regulatory Support Officer
Research & Monitoring Analyst
Reserves & Facilities Projects & Assets Co-or
Reserves and Facilities Manager
Reserves and Facilities Officer East
Reserves and Facilities Officer West
Reserves and Facilities Projects & Assets Manager
Resource Management Manager
Revenue Collections Officer
Secretary Engineering
Senior Building Control Official Inspections
Senior Building Control Official Processing
Senior Consents Planner (2)
Senior Human Resources Advisor
Senior Land Development Engineer (2)
Solid Waste Technician
Strategic Advisor
Strategic Property Manager
Superintendent (Bay Roads)
Systems & Asset Accountant
Systems Accountant
Team Leader Animal Services
Team Leader Community and Cultural Development
Team Leader Compliance
Team Leader Customer and Library Services Eastern

Team Leader Customer Services Central
Team Leader Customer Services Western
Team Leader Financial Services
Team Leader Information Services
Team Leader Information Technology
Team Leader Operations
Team Leader Regulatory Services
Technical Manager Bay Roads
TECT All Terrain Park Ranger
Trainee Building Control Official (2)
Transportation Manager
Transportation Network Manager
Utilities Asset Engineer Drainage
Utilities Asset Engineer Water
Utilities Asset Manager
Utilities Asset Modelling Project Engineer
Utilities Environmental and Compliance Officer
Utilities Field Delivery Technician
Utilities Manager
Visitor Information Centre Assistant Part Time
Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Trainee Operator (2)
Water Meter Technician