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Hello Sam

Your email request for official information dated Friday 25 May 2012 has been forwarded on to me as a request under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (the Act).

This email is to formally acknowledge receipt of your request and to advise of the procedure pursuant to the Act. 

Pursuant to the Act, a reponse is required to be made within 20 working days of receipt of your request. 

Please note that Section 13(2) of the Act provides for a reasonable charge to be made for the supply of official information and due to the limited resources WDC has available, all requests for official information are charged for in accordance with the Ministry of Justice Charging Guidelines to offset the cost to the ratepayers of providing  additional staff resources to action requests for information.

The Ministry of Justice charging guidelines provide that the cost of staff time involved in searching for relevant material, abstracting and collating, copying and transcribing, where the total estimated time is in excess of one hour should be charged out, after that first hour, (i.e. the first hour is free of charge) at a rate of $38 for the first chargeable half hour or part thereof; and then $38 for each additional half hour or part thereof.  The cost of providing copies of documents is chargeable at 20 cents per A4 copy, after the first 20 copies (i.e. the first 20 A4 sized photocopies are provided free of charge).  Non-standard sized photocopying will be charged for in accordance with the Council’s set fees and charges.  These charge rates are inclusive of GST.

I have passed your request on to the relevant Manager for actioning.  Should a charge be required to action this request you will be advised of such prior to the request being actioned.

Michelle Higgie
Executive Assistant
Waitomo District Council
Phone:  07 878 0800
Fax:  07 878 7771
Email:  [email address]


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If you have received this email in error, please notify:  [email address]  and delete all material pertaining to this email immediately.

Thank you.

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From: Sam Fraser [mailto:[FYI request #325 email]]
Sent: Friday, 25 May 2012 3:49 p.m.
To: WebMail
Subject: Official Information Act request - staff

     Under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act I
     request the following information:
     A list of all positions (job titles) directly employed by the
     Council, and the number of staff in each of those roles.
     Any briefings, reports, advice, transcripts, notes, correspondence,
     aide memoires or any other documents regarding any proposal to
     amalgamate the Council with neighbouring Councils.
     I note that according to the LGOIMA response calculator on the
     website of the Office of the Ombudsmen, I should receive a response
     to this request on or before 25 June 2012.
     I would appreciate acknowledgement of this request.
     Samuel Fraser
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