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12 May 2015 
David Nicholas 
By email: [email address] 
Dear Mr Nicholas  
Thank you for your request on 12 May 2015 under the Official Information Act. In reply to your question: 
In a recent Timaru Herald article, url =
it is stated that 14 staff 
have been disciplined or stood down since 2010. 
Could you please provide a table of the generic reasons for these 
stand downs or discipline. 
Were the Medical Council informed about the Doctors situation and the 
appropriate Nurse Association informed. Was the Health and Disability 
Commissioner or Privacy Commissioner informed? 
Were any of these discipline or stand downs the result of staff 
looking at patient information they should not be looking at? 
As stated in this article you have cited above. SCDHB cannot provide this information to protect person’s 
privacy, these details you have requested may enable people to be identifiable.  

If you have any further questions please contact me. 
Nicola Prue 
Communications Manager 
On behalf of 
Nigel Trainor 
Chief Executive